How To Take Steroids Safely

Injecting steroids

Taking steroids can be beneficial if used properly and for the right reason.  Here is how to take steroids:

  1. Know all you can about steroids.  Steroids are used to speed the healing process, treat certain illnesses and conditions such as allergies, anemia, being underweight, cancer, AIDS and others.  Steroids can strengthen muscles, increase endurance and improve performance of activities.  This could also make organs and body systems healthier.  However, along with these benefits are harmful side effects.  This is why you have to know the effects of the steroids upon your health and what you need to do to avoid experiencing side effects.  Look for articles in the Internet, in books and magazines, in online groups or ask doctors and health professionals for information about steroids.
  2. Be clear about why you need steroids.  Improper use of steroids is punishable by law and is dangerous to your health as well.  If the doctor told you that you have to take steroids, ask why you need the drug and what you can expect to experience before, during and after the administration.  Also ask about the side effects of the drug and whether you are in risk of acquiring complications after taking the drug. If you refuse to take the drug, ask for alternative medication or go to another doctor for a second opinion.
  3. Steroids can be administered through the following methods: by administering injections, taking pills by mouth or by applying skin patches.  Know which method is the most suitable and effective for your particular condition.
  4. Make sure that you are receiving steroids from a competent and trustworthy doctor or health care provider.  If an untrained person injects steroids to you, you may get infections and other complications especially if the needle and syringe is unclean, the administration of the drug is incorrect and if the drug itself is contaminated, expired or at the wrong dosage.  You may also be injected by another drug that was mistaken for being steroids. 
  5. If you are giving steroids to yourself, make sure that you practice the instructions given by your doctor carefully and faithfully.  If you’re taking steroids orally, see to it that you are taking the right pills and that they have not expired yet.  Also, keep track of how many pills you take and during what time.  If you’re applying skin patches, test your skin first to find out if you are allergic to the material of the patch or to steroids. 
  6. Physical side effects of taking steroids range from the mild to the severe such as gaining weight, acne, stomach aches, diarrhea, liver damage, strokes, heart attacks, hypertension, renal failure, masculinization and menstrual irregularities.  Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not advised to take steroids for this passes through the placenta and goes into breast milk, which may harm the baby.
  7. Steroids can affect the user psychologically.  People taking steroids may experience a boost in confidence when first taking the drug but may become very aggressive, suspicious of others, and impulsive when steroids are taken for prolonged periods of time.

Taking steroids requires knowledge of the drug, the proper administration as well as the effects it may bring to your physical and psychological health.  Know all you can about steroids before using them.



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