Take Your Life Back Today: How to Get Clean and Sober in 5 Simple Steps

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Alcohol and drug addictions can have a huge impact on a person's health, and also on their family, social relationships, and their work.

While addictions can be damaging, they can also be overcome. In 2017 2.4 million adults received treatment for alcohol addiction in the U.S. 

Once a drug or alcohol addiction is treated, it's not always the end of the story. Staying clean and sober permanently can also be a challenge.

However, by taking some simple steps to change your life, it's possible to stay clean and sober. Read on to find out more.

1. Change Your Lifestyle

If you used to have an alcohol addiction, it probably ended up taking over your life. 

Therefore, if you're trying to stay clean and sober for the long haul it's important that you break the cycle of abuse that you became used to. 

Avoid hanging out in the same places that you used to drink. It can be too much of a temptation and won't help your recovery. This also may mean not socializing with same people that you once did, as they can present a risk. 

Take time to be with your family and friends in places where there isn't drugs or alcohol. Start getting up earlier and going to bed earlier to avoid late nights that you would otherwise spend drinking. 

2. Get Active

If you became used to drinking excessively, it likely had a negative impact on your health. If you sought help from addiction treatment services, the physical dangers were probably explained to you. 

So if you're planning on staying clean and sober, then it's important that you concentrate on your health and fitness.

Taking up daily exercise will be a great way for you to stay in shape and keep you busy. It's also a great stress-reducer and can be a healthy way to relax that doesn't involve alcohol.  

3. Work on Healthy Relationships

Alcohol abuse can put a serious strain on families and can cause the breakdown of marriages and friendships.  

Once you're sober, it's important that you work to rebuild those relationships with loved ones. This can mean spending more time with close family and friends and being honest with them about past mistakes. 

4. Don't Deny the Past

If you've had a problem with alcohol abuse, it's not helpful to deny the past. You've made mistakes and you may have caused pain and suffering to other people along the way. 

While it is important to rebuild relationships with other people, it's also important you don't bottle up the guilt and shame of past mistakes. 

5. Focus on Work

It's estimated that the cost of drug and alcohol addiction to the nation is around $740 billion a year. This includes the cost of lost working days due to alcohol abuse. 

If you've had a drinking problem, it's probably been detrimental to your career. Now that you're planning on staying sober, it's time to focus on your job. 

Doing well at work will be a boost for your self-confidence and will give you something positive to concentrate on to help you stay clean and sober. 

Stay Clean and Sober

Staying clean and sober has its challenges. The biggest takeaway is to change your lifestyle. Focus on positive things in your life and rebuild your self-esteem. 

When you feel good about yourself, you won't want to go back to the way you were when you were drinking. 

If you need help with any other conditions, check out more articles on a wide range of health issues. 


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