How To Understand the Benefits of Ginseng

Everybody is raving about ginseng for its health benefits. But with all the numerous herbal products on the market that their respective endorsers claim to be equally beneficial to the body, what makes ginseng a stand-out among the rest? Ginseng is found mostly in parts of Asia and Siberia. It thrives in wild areas and survives even the harshest weather conditions. The Chinese were the first known people to use ginseng as medicine, beginning many centuries ago. At present, ginseng is widely used in many forms (tea extract, capsule supplements and food additives) and is very popular among health conscious people. Contrary to common misconceptions, ginseng is not a seed but a root.
It is fleshy and is usually converted into powder or pulp form.

But why is there such a big fuss over this simple oriental herb? Well, people nowadays will jump at anything that can promote well being, better health, flawless beauty and longer life. Apparently, ginseng answers all these needs. Here are some of the benefits of ginseng:

  1. It boosts your ability to cope with stress and fatigue. Ginseng supplements have been medically proven to raise one’s energy level, thus improving the quality of day-to-day living. It helps the adrenal glands in their work of supplying energy hormones to the body. Incidentally, an ongoing study is actually being conducted to establish if ginseng is the cure for chronic fatigue syndrome.
  2. Ginseng improves the memory. Ginseng tea drinkers profess that taking a drink or two of this herbal supplement in the form of tea has effectively sharpened their mental faculties, resulting in sharper and more retentive mental ability.
  3. This herbal medicine prevents cold and flu even before it can set in. Ginseng strengthens the immune system, and so a person who makes it a habit to take this supplement is not prone to catching seasonal viruses such as influenza.
  4. Ginseng also gets rid of toxins that have accumulated in the body through the years such as fats, cholesterol, plaques and excessive glucose. Hence people suffering from hypertension, heart ailments and diabetes can gain benefits from this wild herb. 
  5. Lethargy, senility, impotence, arthritis, rheumatism and menopausal syndrome are but a few of the disorders that ginseng can cure.
  6. Since ginseng can cure a lot of ailments and correct malfunctions in the body as well as improve mental ability, studies are now being conducted to ascertain whether it can also cure certain mental conditions such as anxiety and mood swings. Because of its calming effect, ginseng is now being eyed as a possible substitute or supplement for drugs that treat psychological disorders. Moreover, ginseng is also said to be helpful to persons with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).
  7. Ginseng is also known to have anticancer and anti-inflammatory agents.

Ginseng has indeed dominated the market for herbal medicines. However, you must be careful in your purchases of ginseng products lest you might be shortchanged or worse, become a victim of fake products. True ginseng, which is sold at reasonable prices, is not red as against common knowledge. It is in fact yellowish-white, though manufacturing processes may sometimes change its color to pale brown. Take note also that the less processing ginseng has undergone, the better its quality.  


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