Tips on Giving an Enema

Constipation is one of the most problematic conditions you can have, because you can actually be hospitalized for it and it may cause other complications in the body. There are a lot of options on how to clean the bowel area, like laxatives and suppositories, but applying an enema is considered to be the most natural way of cleaning the colon. An enema is basically letting liquid go inside the colon to let all the toxins and waste out. But in order to do this, you must have the proper enema equipment, which you can buy in medical supply stores. Here are some tips in giving an enema.

  1. Use the proper type of enema. There are many different types of enema that you can administer to yourself or to someone else. There are disposable enema bags, colon tubes, coffee enema and bulb enema. As the term implies, enema bags are used initially to contain the liquid and then to contain the feces after application. The colon tubes come in different sizes, depending on the age of the person whom the enema is being applied to and it makes it easier for the enema solution to flow into the colon. Some would prefer applying only a bit of enema solution at a time, and that's what the bulb enema is for. Think of it as a giant dropper. Coffee enema on the other hand, is an experimental type of enema, because it is still only a presupposition that it can stimulate the liver to clean the colon. Further research is still needed. But if you want to try it, be sure to consult with your doctor first.
  2. Carefully read the instructions. It cannot be stressed enough that you have to be loyal to the instructions for giving an enema. The consequence of not following instructions means you will be in more pain. If the water mixed with the solution is too cold, you may end up giving cramps to the person you are trying to help. There are also some mild soaps or creams that you can use to lubricate the enema tube and to help in the cleansing. If you feel that the instruction on the manual is not enough, do a bit of research on your own.
  3. Comfort the person. Another key factor in giving an enema is the comfort of the person. The most advisable place to give an enema is on the bed, with the person lying on his left side. If you're afraid of leaks and would opt to do it in the bathtub, you have to have a towel thick enough to keep the area comfortable. Also, have pillows ready. There are actually more positions for applying an enema, just make sure that it is the most comfortable for the person. The more relaxed the person, the easier it is to successfully apply the enema.
  4. Expel the solution. Once the enema solution has all been absorbed into the colon, there may be a feeling of fullness, and maybe the urge to already let it out. Try holding it in for five to fifteen minutes to make sure that everything will come out. You may need to do this again if you feel that your bowel is still not normal.

There more products related to giving an enema, and you can have a stock of enema supplies if you constantly experience constipation. As already mentioned, giving an enema is the most natural way of cleaning the colon, so make sure that you are administering it properly.


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