How To Properly Treat Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis occurs in women when there is an imbalance in the normal bacterial levels of a woman’s vagina. When this imbalance occurs, abnormal, quick growth of the bacteria ensues, resulting in the medical condition. The woman will then experience severe itching, burning, pain and discharge from the vagina, which can be extremely uncomfortable. The bacteria involved can either be gardrenella vaginalis, the yeast Candida or the parasite, which is known as trichonomas vaginalis. Any of these three main culprits could be the cause for bacterial vaginosis.

Bacterial vaginosis is commonly treated through the use of antibiotics, prescribed by your doctor. As with all medical diagnoses, your doctor will need to collect your complete medical history before prescribing a course of treatment. If you are pregnant, for example, another type of treatment may be prescribed, as some medications can be harmful to the baby. Also, avoid drinking apple cider vinegar, as this will only stimulate the growth of the bacteria responsible for the problem. The antibiotics used to treat bacterial vaginosis can be taken either orally or in the vagina itself, as a suppository.

For some women, treatment will not be needed and the bacterial vaginosis condition will just eventually fade away. However, left untreated, there is a higher risk of recurrence in women, as the underlying cause of the problem was not dealt with. Antibiotics such as Flagyl are also frequently prescribed as treatment, but the type of antibiotic varies with the type of patient involved. Other treatments include taking probiotic pills and folic acid pills.

There are also a number of home remedies that can be considered. Bear in mind, however, that there is no real substitute for a sound medical opinion in this case. Some people have tried using garlic as a home remedy. Peel a bulb of garlic and wrap it in gauze, tying a string to the end. Insert the bulb of garlic inside the vagina before sleeping, and remove it in the morning. According to certain people, the treatment lasts for seven days and the bacterial vaginosis should be gone. One thing you may not be readily getting rid of, however, is the smell.

Another is the use of Golden Seal, which is also an antibiotic. Golden Seal comes in capsule form, and can be inserted into the vagina every night before sleeping. You should be able to see the effects soon after, and the drug is able to supposedly cure the bacterial vaginosis effectively, regularizing both discharge and vaginal odor. There are also a number of herbal cures that supposedly work well in treating the affliction. Try going around your local health food store, and they should have dietary or herbal supplements that are supposed to be able to deal with bacterial vaginosis. Testimonials from those who have found these types of remedies say that this is an inexpensive and natural way to help cure the disease. Again, depending on the manufacturer, these herbal supplements are taken either orally or by inserting the pills into the vagina.


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