How To Treat STD Symptoms

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) can be passed through various forms such as oral, vaginal and anal. Researching the Internet, reading books, attending seminars and asking a doctor about information on STDs may answer questions that you have. The most common STDs, their symptoms and treatments are listed as follows:

  1. Chlamydia is characterized by unusual discharge from the vagina or penis, burning with urinating, and pain in the testicles. This STD can be cured and treated easily with antibiotics. The symptoms may lead to irritation, lower abdominal pain, skin lesions and eye inflammation. For women, it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. It is recommended that treatment be done as early as the appearance of the symptoms. Treatments include refraining from having sex, consulting a physician, taking of antibiotics, and using condoms. The sex partner of the patient should also be evaluated and treated.
  2. Genital Herpes presents obvious symptoms such as vaginal blisters, small red bumps and open sores on the vagina or penis. There is vaginal discharge in women. The infected person suffers from headache, fever, and muscle pains. When the STD is in its advance stage, glands in the genital area become swollen and painful, legs and buttocks are painful. Taking medicine only lowers the severity of the symptoms but does not totally cure the patient because the symptoms keep coming back. Once an individual gets this disease, it will be with him for life.
  3. Gonorrhea is characterized by burning pain when urinating and bloody or sometimes yellowish discharge from the vagina or penis. Once the first symptom appears such as an unusual sore or rash, it is already a signal to abstain from sex and see a doctor. This disease may be completely cured but it comes back if the partners are not careful. Antibiotics that may be prescribed by the doctor promise relief and it is important that all prescribed medication be taken. Latex condoms can reduce the risk of getting the disease.
  4. Syphilis is an STD caused by the spirochetal bacterium that you can get through sexual intercourse. It can also be transmitted from the mother to a child if the mother has a vaginal birth. The symptoms of the disease are numerous; the most common is the presence of sores on the genital area. An injection of penicillin will cure a patient who has been suffering from syphilis for less than a year. If the disease is more than a year old, additional doses are required to treat the person. Abstaining from sexual contact is the most effective treatment for the symptoms of syphilis.

A patient's current health condition dictates how the symptoms should be treated. Pregnant patients should be treated immediately with the most subtle approach to prevent further side effects. Patients with other health problems such as heart related diseases, allergies and the like are commonly treated with combined professional medical specialties.


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