How To Treat Symptoms of Adrenal Gland Malfunction

Having adrenal gland malfunction can place you in a paralyzing situation in which you cannot function normally like you used to. Suddenly you find yourself waking up seemingly on the wrong side of the bed each morning. You feel grumpy, tired and have no interest whatsoever in the things you used to actively do. Now if you want to live a more productive and longer life you should find a way to treat your symptoms of adrenal gland malfunction.

One way of treating adrenal gland malfunction (or commonly known as adrenal fatigue) is by seeking medical help. As you relate to your doctor the symptoms you have been feeling and experiencing, he may require you to undergo certain laboratory tests which may include blood tests, urinalysis, electrocardiogram and others which he believes are relevant to the diagnosis of your condition.

On one hand, these medical tests are helpful because they help you discover if you have certain medical conditions that are probably rooted from your adrenal fatigue problem. In such cases, your doctor may prescribe you with medicines to alleviate or help correct your medical problems. You may also be subjected to certain psychological evaluation and counseling to help you cope with your adrenal fatigue.

Another way of treating symptoms of adrenal gland malfunction is by changing your lifestyle and diet. You can start doing this by conducting a self examination. The following are basic steps you may want to follow:

  • Make a self-assessment of your lifestyle. Ask yourself these questions: How do I work? Do I have enough free time to spend for myself? How many hours do I spend working every day?  Do I turn down requests or invitations when my schedule is already full? Do I delegate work to others? Is my household in order or in shambles? Do I have a good relationship with family members?
  • Make an assessment of your diet and list down the foods you eat at home and at work. Remember that some foods and drinks can make you feel tired as in the case of caffeine-laden food products.
  • List down the stressors you meet everyday. Include deadlines at work, difficult family members, bossy coworker, etc.
  • Evaluate your daily schedule and examine the activities you engage in. Be able to distinguish which of these activities are taking most of your time and energy.
  • Study your priorities in life. Are you pushing yourself too hard to attain a dream promotion? Are you aiming too high and getting frustrated in the end when your goal is not reached?

The foregoing points may help you get to the core of your problems that has triggered the malfunctioning of your adrenal glands.  Take note that a hectic lifestyle contributes to a tight and stressful life. Under stressful conditions, your adrenal glands tend to get overworked and become inefficient. Much like the human body, the adrenal glands cannot function well when exhausted. Rest periods are necessary to give them time to recover from working round the clock.


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