How To Treat Syphilis

The first step in treating syphilis is to evaluate your risks for disease. Remember that syphilis tends to be asymptomatic for quite some time before symptoms start to set in; so don't wait for the signs to appear, as they might show up late or sometimes never. If you are sexually active the possibility of infection always lurks, because you'll never know if your partner is already infected.

Treating syphilis is not a big problem when it is done early. If you are infected, postponing your trip to the doctor will delay your treatment, and it could be detrimental to your health and safety.

Penicillin is still the primary medicine administered to people infected with syphilis. One shot of Penicillin G has been proven effective in persons who have had syphilis for less than a year, while those who have been infected longer are given additional doses aside after the initial shot.

Based on previous clinical cases, opinions of doctors and treatment results, Penicillin has been acknowledged as the best cure for syphilis over the years.

But not all patients respond favorably to Penicillin. This should not be a cause of worry though, because there are other antibiotics that likewise treat syphilis. So those allergic to Penicillin may be given other medications such as tetracycline, erythromycin or ceftriaxone. Doxycycline may also be administered to late latency syphilis patients who tend to develop adverse reaction to Penicillin.

The treatment methods for syphilis vary from person to person. True, Penicillin is the standard cure for patients with no other medical conditions, however, caution must be exercised when treating patients who are pregnant or babies who are infected by their mothers.

During the treatment period, sexual contact must be totally shunned by the patient. Also, infected persons must inform their partners about their infected state so they can undergo examination and treatment as well. It should also be noted that a person who has been treated for syphilis infection but remains sexually active is often exposed to greater risks each time. Hence, he should make it a point to undergo regular screening.

Syphilis patients should be warned that home medication is not advisable. Penicillin and antibiotics are the only available cure for this infection, and there is no guarantee that homemade drugs will prove to be as effective. Infected mothers too, should be alerted that if syphilis is not treated, the disease will be transmitted to the child and can endanger the life of the unborn baby.

Modern medicine truly continues to work wonders in treating syphilis patients. And yet prevention of the disease has more value than treating an actually infected person. To guide you further on how to be protected from syphilis, here are some tips:

  1. Condoms may safeguard a person from infection, but only if the infected part is totally guarded and covered.
  2. Refrain from engaging in sex, and consult a doctor at once if you notice discharges from your genitals, or skin inflammations that you don't know the cause of.
  3. Practice monogamy. Engaging in multi-partner sex is a sure way to be infected with syphilis or other sexually transmitted diseases.


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