How To Use Treadmills

Treadmills are a great way to get in shape. They simulate walking but do not require as much muscular resistance as a stroll in the park. They are also easier on the joints. It is not hard to use treadmills. All it takes is getting used to the equipment. Treadmills can be used at home or in a gym.

Most people start out by walking on a treadmill, even to warm up. Walking at a brisk pace provides many cardiovascular benefits. People who run on treadmills need to get used to changing speeds while moving at quick speeds. They also need to learn how to stop the machine without falling. Many injuries can occur, particularly among runners, if they do not know the proper way to exit a treadmill machine.

Most treadmills today are electronic and computerized. They have certain buttons that employ various functions. It is important to learn these functions from a fitness training or a manual if you are working out at home. There is generally a "Quick Start" button, which gets the treadmill moving. There are also buttons to increase the speed gradually as you start to warm up. Some treadmills have an "Emergency Stop" chain or button. This function can be used to  stop the equipment more quickly. In addition to increasing speeds, the machine can be elevated to simulate walking up hills for a more rigorous workout. Treadmills also have buttons for entering body weight, so people can see how many calories they burn during a workout.  Also, by maintaining a grip on the bars in front, one can keep track of one's heart rate.

It is important to start slow in the beginning. Some people are at a higher fitness level than others. Beginners should start with a lower speed and gradually work their way up. For example, the quick-start button on most treadmills will start a person out with a walking speed of 2.2. From there, it is up to the individual as to how much he can handle. Start at a leisurely pace, then gradually increase the speed once the legs are warmed up.  Make the workout taxing enough as to burn fat and work the heart, but don't go too fast. Going too fast on a treadmill is very hard on the hamstrings. Overuse can make the backs of the knees sore; this is particularly true among older people. Do not use the treadmill if you have a hamstring injury.


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