How To Understand the Causes of Drug Addiction

Young female using cocaine

You might have the misconception that drug addiction is easy to treat and that drug addicts are people who just choose to destroy their lives. It goes deeper than that. You should have a very good understanding of how  drug addiction works and how to handle it before judging an addict. What is drug addiction and what are its causes?  Drug addiction is actually a brain disease because abuse of drugs often leads to changes in the structure and the function of your brain. Yes, it is true that the decision to take them is voluntary, but over time the changes in your brain because of repeated drug abuse can affect your self-control and your ability to make sound decisions, as well as to send impulses to your brain to take more drugs.

Not everyone who takes drugs gets addicted but a large percentage usually does. The most common drugs that are abused are heroine, cocaine and marijuana aside from the medically known ones like the tranquilizers and pain pills. Some of those mentioned are the most common overdose drugs as well.

What are the causes of  drug addiction? When you take drugs either for medical or recreational purposes there is always a reason why you need to take them. Sometimes, the cause of addiction is because of a drug treatment that is taken as a pain reliever by people who experience intense pain. In most cases, you have to look inward for the causes because they are not visible. Some of the hidden causes of addiction include:

  • the inability to deal with a crisis or loss.
  • having feelings of rejection and loneliness.
  • divorce.
  • other emotional problems that make you feel intense pain, grief or anger.
  • depression.
  • peer pressure.
  • using the drug as an upper when you're always on the go.

Understanding is an important key in treating a  drug addiction. Drugs abusers almost always have underlying problems that cause them to take drugs to temporarily make them forget their problems. The more they take the drugs, the more the drugs poison their systems hence their craving for it doesn’t go away. But, there is a treatment for  drug addiction and drug abuse. There are so many programs in the community to fight drug abuse such as info dissemination, rehabilitation, etc.

Drug addiction can lead you down the wrong path and even worse, it can kill you. But things don’t have to go that far.  Drug addiction is difficult to break but it is not impossible. Support from your doctor, family, friends and other people who have had it are very important to help you on the road to recovery. Rehabilitation groups are essential to a recovering addict as they can interact with people who suffer from the same thing as they do. So if you feel that your loved one needs help, don’t hesitate to help them get it. Sometimes acceptance of one’s state as an addict is very difficult to do but this is the first step for their recovery and the most important one.


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