How To Handle a Heart Attack

What if one day as you were driving home after a stressful day at work, thinking about getting home to be with your family to relieve some of the stress, you suddenly this burst of pain from your chest crawling up to your shoulder and your lower chin. Then, you start to wonder what is going on, and then you start to realize that you are having a heart attack. What are you to do? You are all alone in your car still far from home and you know that you are already a long way from work. The nearest hospital is at least 15-20 minutes drive away from you. It would be impossible to get help since it would only take a time span of 10-15 seconds once a stroke occurs before you lose consciousness. So what is the best thing to do?

With nowhere to go and no one to help you with so little time, the only one whom you can turn to for help is yourself. Yes, yourself. And the best solution is to apply a self CPR procedure. You must be wondering if it is possible and if it is, then how do you do that?

Self-CPR is possible and there is an effective method that a stroke sufferer can use when he encounters a heart attack. Here is a step-by-step guide that can help save your life in case you find yourself in this situation.

  1. Do not panic. The most common mistake heart attack victims make is that they tend to panic. Once you start to panic you become disoriented causing your inability to assess a situation properly and preventing you from making the right decisions and doing the right thing.
  2. Take a deep breath then instead of the conventional exhaling, try simulating a cough. The cough must be done applying pressure on the chest area.
  3. Repeat the inhale and coughing procedure with a 2-second interval. This must be done consistently without allowing any let ups.
  4. The repeated deep breaths and coughing will help you stay conscious. This is your chance to seek help or go to the nearest hospital. Please bear in mind that while doing this procedure you must not allow any let ups and must be consistent in the repeat process of deep breathes and stressed coughs until your heart regains its normal rhythm or you get to the nearest hospital.

As we know, during heart attacks our heart temporarily stops pumping blood around our body depriving the brain of oxygen. This causes us to loose consciousness while experiencing a stroke/heart attack. One can survive from a heart attack if first aid or CPR will be applied immediately on the patient. If the heart remains in this state for a prolonged period, the patient dies.

Here is a short explanation of how the self-CPR works. The deep breaths provide oxygen for both your heart and brain, while the stressed coughing squeezes the heart preventing it from stopping.


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