How To Select Crochet Hooks

Crocheting is a great way to spend your free time, especially if you have lots of it.  It is not just a means to while away the hours, but it is productive and artistic at the same time.  However, this can be done better if you have the quality crochet hooks at hand.  No matter how skillful you are with your hands, the task can become complicated if you are using substandard materials and tools.  Using the right size crochet hooks helps you complete your project in less time.  Here is how to buy them.

1.    Determine the sizes of crochet hooks that you need.  Patterns that are bought from stores usually come with instructions on what sizes of crochet hooks to use.

2.    Find out from the pattern instructions what other accessories are needed in making the project.  This is important because you have to decide on the particular type of hooks you should buy.  You may also buy hooks in sets.

3.    If you are going to work on afghan patterns, then you should buy an afghan hook.  Unlike yarn hooks, this does not have any thumb rest. However, the stitches are kept in place due to a stop in the afghan hook’s base.   On the other hand, if you will work on cro-hook patterns, then double-ended crochet hooks should be your choice.

4.    Once you have determined the size and type of hooks you are going to buy, you can start shopping for them online.  A number of online shops can provide you with a wide variety of crochet hooks. Some of these are as follows:

  • Karp Styles has carved a name in providing many materials and tools for crocheting.  Its website does not only sell hooks and other items related to crocheting, but it also gives the necessary information about the products.
  • Joan Fabric and Craft Store is a specialty shop long known for selling crocheting materials.  Its website only reflects the wide variety of hooks in its inventory.  It also has product reviews that may guide you in choosing the best hooks.
  • Craftster sells anything related to different crafts.  Because of this, you may need longer time in searching for the hooks.  However, once you find them, you can be assured of their quality too.

Crochet hooks are not very ordinary household items, but you may be able to find them in most department stores.  However, if you have been a serious crochet maker, you certainly would not settle for those unknown brands.  Specialty shops and arts and crafts shops can guarantee you with better quality crochet hooks, and give you advice on crocheting and the craft you are interested in.  You must not buy just one or a couple of these for that will be financially unwise.  Instead, buy a set and you will have it at a better price.  This usually has all the sizes you will need for future projects.


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