How To Start a Movie Club

Once a month it's nice to have a no rules, no fuss Movie Club gathering. Everyone meets for a movie at a host's place (preferably somewhere with a good home entertainment system), eat some, drink some, and discuss the movie afterwards. A few things to consider before starting such a club:


  1. First, choose your source for movies. Would you prefer to do a monthly renting service (such as Netflix), or make trips to the video store? The former is recommended for frequent Movie Club gatherings as it is affordable, easy (you don't have to leave your home) and controllable (you can pick your movies online). The latter however, is definitely cheaper if you only plan to meet once a month. You may also use other resources such as libraries. If you want a collection of movies, and can afford it, by all means buy the DVDs.

  2. Invitees do not have to be regular as this is an on-site activity; hence the no rules policy.

  3. Movie choices can be tough. Some people have very high opinions about what they expect in a movie and some just don't. The best way to prevent any conflict is to inform everyone what the title of the movie is before meeting. That way, invitees have a choice whether or not to attend. Reading reviews about movies may help you make a decision.

  4. Food and drinks can be simple. Members can pool money together to pay for popcorn, soda, and beer. If you prefer, you could always consider a potluck where everyone brings something to share. Of course this isn't necessary at all, but it's always nice to have something to munch on during a movie .

  5. The most important part of a Movie Club is the discussion session. There are many questions to pose after a movie (depending on the movie of course):
    1. How was the acting?
    2. How well were the characters developed?
    3. How did everyone feel about the dialogue, and script?
    4. How authentic was the film to its original source (if it were adapted from a book)?
    5. What was the general theme of the movie?
    6. How was music incorporated into the movie to improve the viewers' experience?
    7. Did color schemes play a big part in the movie? 


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