How To Find Movie Theater Listings

Looking for movie theater listings? Here are some quick tips on how to find movie theater listings, mainly through many of the Internet sites providing this information. Getting the times and places right as you get ready for a night at the multiplex has never been so easy. How to afford the popcorn, well, that's another story.

  1. Try the usual suspects. Of course if you have a copy of the day's paper around or surf the local paper on the Internet, you can definitely check there for local shows and showtimes at area theaters. You might want to bookmark the paper's website movie page to avoid having to go through the main page every time you just want to check when a show's playing. Or jot down the local theater numbers for quick reference without having to go to the paper or site itself.

    If you do look for your show times online at a newspaper site, you might find one drawback to this is having to login every time. Many big papers online (NY and LA Times, Boston Globe, etc.) require registration these days.

  2. Try Yahoo. Yahoo is my favorite search engine. (Sorry, Google. As if you need my business.) The site has a mini-page for most movies. These pages include reviews from around the country, usually including Roger Ebert, plus Yahoo user feedback--which is sometimes useful--and information about the movie's cast and crew. So, as you're checking the times, you can also re-evaluate if the film's really worth your ten bucks. Yahoo Movies lets you enter your zip code and get a plethora of area theaters complete with what's playing when. Or you can look up a movie and get the times it is playing in your locale.
  3. Check out movie times at the internet's most gargantuan movie site, The Internet Movie Database. Here, you can also just stick in a movie title and your zip code and get the lowdown on the show times. You can also check out every detail of the movie you want to see down to who the key grip or lighting director were. You can also check out movie news and see what's coming to a theater near you later in the year.
  4. Stop by Fandango. Whoa, this site not only lets you search for movie times, look up info about current releases, and tells you what's coming soon but it also lets you buy tickets right there on the site to avoid the hassle of the lines. Other sites also provide this service.
  5. Check your internet provider. Many internet provider home pages also have their own movie sections. AOL, for instance, has a deal with Moviefone. You can look up movie times there until you turn blue in the face and also contact Mr. Moviefone himself (remember that Seinfeld episode?) to get info on his picks.

Hope these options help you get you the information you need sometime between now and right before the trailers start



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