How To Find Conventional and Bizarre Alarm Clock Models

Are you the kind of person who has an internal alarm clock? Well, you are fortunate enough to be punctual in attending to all your early schedules. But this is not the case for many people. Some people repeatedly end up frustrated when they wake up one, two, or three hours later than what they're supposed to. These people may also be fortunate--that is, if they've found the best and most effective alarm clock to wake them up on time.

Alarm clocks have been with us from as early as 250 BC. The first was called the water clock, and it was devised by the ancient Greeks.

Today, alarm clocks have become common tools for people having difficulty in waking up on time. Here are some of the most common and conventional alarm clocks:

  • Spring-driven and wind-up. This is perhaps the most conventional alarm clock. In fact, alarm clocks are symbolized by this type of clock.
  • Analog alarm clock radio. With the growth in popularity of the radio, the alarm clock radio also started becoming popular. Typically, it's that rectangular-shaped clock, usually with hours in digits. Older versions of this clock still used the regular 12-hour-two-fingers clock.
  • Cuckoo clock. "Cuckoo, cuckoo." It's the clock that starts cuckooing when the set alarm time strikes. However, cuckoo clocks are not effective in waking people up. These are only used to record the different hours of the day.
  • Digital alarm clock. The digital clock is now everywhere, from your cellphone to your computer. Sometimes, it comes as a small computer gadget specially made to wake you up. It is usually rectangular in design with big numbers, commonly in red.

If we have the conventional, then we also have the bizarre alarm clock models:

  • Clocky, the runaway clock. This is the best annoying alarm clock, as named by What makes this annoying is that you'll have to play hide-and-seek with it. It will start to find a hiding place when you hit its snooze button. Then, you have to find it just to turn it off. You'll surely get up with this and probably get a headache, too.
  • Bomb alarm clock. This alarm clock starts beeping three minutes before your set time. You need to shut it off by disconnecting its wires or else--Boom! You've already woken up everyone in the house.
  • Sonic Alarm. This is the best if you want to teach someone to wake up with an alarm clock. Throw this thing in the person's room and it will start creating a very loud noise. It will not stop unless the person finds you and the pin you have to stop the bomb.
  • Puzzle alarm clock. When this clock hits the set alarm time, it will shoot the puzzle pieces off into the air. It won't stop buzzing unless you have found the pieces and put them back together.
  • Hammacher Schlemmer Peaceful Progression. If you are afraid of having sleep inertia or a morning headache, this thing will work perfectly in waking you up. Instead of the annoying sounds and loud beeping, this thing will wake you up by producing different sounds of nature like waterfalls, the rain forest, and birds. It will gradually increase the volume until you turn it off.

These alarm clocks may not be as sophisticated and advanced as an atomic clock. But you don't actually need an atomic clock to wake you up.


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