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Having a guestbook is a very good way to immortalize one’s precious moments in life. Just like photographs, they capture a very special slice of time that one would love to freeze and make last for the rest of eternity. While it’s impossible to do that, having a guest book allows the host or hostess of the party to have a piece of the event that will stay tangible and memorable for as long as the object and memories that are inside it exist.

One of the best events to have a guest book for is a baby shower. Baby showers are usually greeted with great appreciation and anticipation since it’s an advance welcome party to a new member of the family. During this event, many friends, relatives and family members of the parents-to-be fawn over the mother and bring gifts that would be useful for the baby. These gifts include baby clothes, feeding bottles, diapers, mittens, bibs and other things that will be handy once the new guy (or girl) comes along.

If you’re an expectant mother and you want to have a guest book for your baby shower that would rival the one that you had for your wedding, here are a few tips.

Try to make the book reflect who you are as a person. If you’re easy going and you don’t take yourself too seriously, don’t feel obliged to do something with heavy paper, lace and other artsy materials. It would be much better if you can directly translate your personality and the way that you’re feeling to your guests during the baby shower.

The guest book should have a little something that symbolizes the kind of relationship that you and your partner share. A nice poem or passage for the soon-to-be-born member of the family would be a nice touch. Keep in mind that this won’t just be another address book or company guestbook. Your child will probably want to see this guest book later in life so it should be a well made one. You may want to share your great memories of this day to your future children once they grow up and learn how to read eventually.

If you’re feeling the need to go digital, you can always make an online guest book. This would be an excellent idea if you also plan to send out your invitations via the Internet through email. Using the Internet would definitely allow you to be more creative with your guestbook. Your guests could also use a lot of avatars, icons and pictures that would’ve been unavailable in a traditional setting. Just be sure that the website or hosting company will still exist several years down the road, when your child has grown, so you can show the guestbook to him. If not, you can save the guestbook locally, and have this archived or burned to CD or DVD, for future use.

Just have fun with it and don’t over-think the concept. You already have your hands full with your baby growing inside of you. Don’t mind how other people feel about the guest book – they are all genuinely excited for the baby anyway.


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