How To Fold Table Napkins

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Around the world, the restaurant business is booming. If you have plans to open one or just want to grace your table for an evening date, you should master the different ways to fold table napkins. Folding table napkins is a skill. A neatly folded table napkin not only makes the dinner table look elegant and stylish, but also impresses people around you. With this art, the more people will appreciate your food and dining ambiance. More often guests are reminded of dining etiquette while it whets their appetite.

You may use a fairly square napkin for quick and easy results. Small towels are also welcome as long as they can remain stiff. For practice, you can use paper napkins.

Easy Napkin Fold

  1. Lay the napkin flat and then fold the bottom edge of the napkin, taking it to the upper corner to form a flat pyramid.
  2. Fold the lower left edge and bottom right edge up to the upper side.
  3. Turn over the napkin in horizontal form, to the right from the left and then fold the lower portion of the napkin upward to about two inches.
  4. Finally fold both right and left flaps backward. In doing so, they are positioned in the center of your napkin.

Peacock Napkin Fold

  1. Begin by folding the napkin into one-fourths.
  2. From the top to the bottom, make one vertical fold.
  3. Do the same fold, in horizontal position, from left to right. A small square is now formed.
  4. With your index finger, you may hold down the bottom right edge of the second layer at the top.
  5. Using your left hand, pick the upper layer from the bottom corner on the right and pull the cloth to leftward, resulting in a large triangle.
  6. Turn the napkin upside down and orient horizontally, going to right from left.
  7. Repeat step 4. An index finger should hold down the lower left edge corner of the second layer from the upper layer, and with a free hand, pick up the upper layer on the lower bottom left edge.
  8. Pull the napkin to the right, forming a large triangle.
  9. In counter-clockwise motion, flip the napkin 90 degrees.
  10. An inch lower, slide the upper layer down, then towards the right. The top of the lower layer must be folded up, about an inch down.
  11. Then move to the right of the layer underneath it. The lower layer must be folded up, making it an inch down and inch away to the right layer beneath it.
  12. The bottom layer is then folded up, making it an inch down and an inch to the right of the layer beneath it.

Candle Napkin Fold

  1. Take a napkin and lie it flat.
  2. Fold it in half by taking the bottom edge up to the top edge corner.
  3. Right after, take the bottom side, folding an inch upward.
  4. Turn over the napkin in a horizontal position, to the right from the left. In doing so, the fold you have formed in the preceding step is below it.
  5. Taking one side, roll up the napkin in a tight manner to the right from the left.
  6. Insert the flap at the bottom of the roll and make the napkin's bottom plain to stand up.
  7. Fold the top layer of the top of the napkin an inch down.

You can also add flowers and lamps on the table for night dining. The different ways to fold table napkins are easy to remember as long as one is having fun. Bon appétit!


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