How To Find Famous People News Sources

People news is now the rage in Hollywood and other entertainment centers around the world. A lot of people can’t get enough of new information about their favorite or least favorite stars and personalities. People go to great lengths just to get news and photos of their favorite celebrities, but if you don’t want to get arrested for stalking and be issued a restraining order in the process, you will be better off sticking to the traditional way of digging up dirt on people—searching the internet.

News websites are generally dependable when it comes to people news. It would be quite common that the first lick of a breaking story that you’ll get will be from the main page of a popular website like in Yahoo or Google News. Whether you’re looking for the latest person who won Survivor or the latest couple to head into splitsville, websites are generally your friend. They almost come ready with a lengthy article that gets updated as the story develops.

Cable Channel News could also be a great way to stay updated. While cable channels like CNN and MSNBC don’t really stay on the air for the sake of reporting on breaking news about your favorite stars, they can most definitely be helpful in getting updates on the biggest news in the entertainment industry. CNN was among the first TV stations to report on Michael Jackson being rushed to the hospital and the music icon’s subsequent death. Clearly, while it is not the priority of most news channels, they will be more than willing to interrupt their normal scheduled programming to make way for entertainment news as long as it has great impact. The same is true for affiliate news stations that would need other feeds for them to pull in a complete story.

People news can also come in print and other publications. While it’s great to have a piece of news instantaneously when you have a good internet connection, having a magazine with a landmark cover can definitely be a good physical touchstone to a momentous occasion. Somehow, pictures that are printed on glossy paper seem more special compared to the pixels that you see on your flat-screen computer monitor. While most people are already using the internet, the magazine and gossip columns continue to be as marketable and popular as ever.

People media can also be readily obtained now through personal and entertainment blogs. With the explosion of user-generated content on the internet, celebrity bloggers such as Perez Hilton and many other wannabes have tried to outblog each other as they post unflattering paparazzi photos and scathing commentaries. While these opinions are hardly news, reading them can be quite an entertaining and embarrassing guilty pleasure.

With the advent of microblogging services, you can also get the latest updates from the stars themselves. A lot of celebrities, from Ashton Kutcher, to Britney Spears, even Barack Obama, run their own Twitter accounts. These let them broadcast updates, as well as get two-way feedback from readers.

There are plenty of possible sources of people news all over the media. You just have to know how to look for the sources and take everything with a grain of salt.


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