How a Video Stabilizer Works

A video stabilizer is a mount for a video camera. A video stabilizer is controlled by the cameraman. It allows the cameraman to move freely with the camera without compromising the shot. The video stabilizer makes the movement of the camera appear smooth even when the cameraman walks or runs over an uneven surface. There are video stabilizers for both motion picture cameras and digital cameras.

Here is how a video stabilizer works:

  1. Before the video stabilizer. Before the video stabilizer was used, two types of mounts were used. The first one was the tripod, which allowed the camera to be steady for a shot. There were limited takes that you could use for the tripod. It was used effectively for non-moving shots. The second type of mount was the dolly. The dolly was like a cart where the tripod was placed so that they could use moving shots without the picture appearing to be shaky.
  2. Inspiration for video stabilizer.  A video stabilizer was built to perform the same duties as the two mounts but another feature was added. The cameraman can now move freely with the camera without using a dolly or a static tripod. The video stabilizer acts as the mount. It can be handheld or it can also be worn by the cameraman using a harness.
  3. How it works. There is also a mount for the camcorder on a video stabilizer. The difference is that the mount of a video stabilizer rests upon a swivel or a ball. The swivel makes the sharp movements of the cameraman appear smooth on the image that will be captured. The cameraman can walk or run on uneven surfaces without the image appearing jumpy.
  4. Movements. The movements of the video stabilizer can be side to side and back and forth. You can easily control the movements with the help of a grip handle. If you are using a video stabilizer that makes use of a harness, it will be easy to control the movement of the camcorder as you are the one carrying the weight and controlling the whole device. You can adjust the height of the pole where the camera rests to achieve different types of shots.
  5. Brands. Some of the best video stabilizers today are from Glidecam and also from Steadicam. Some of the best models that are widely used in the movie industry are the Glidecam 2000 and the Glidecam 2000 Pro, Steadicam Ultra2c and the Steadicam Archer2. For Glidecam products, you can visit the website and for Steadicam,

That is how a video stabilizer works. Video stabilizers have been a great improvement in the film industry. There are a lot of movies and television shows that are taken using a video stabilizer. They have also made some movies, which were completely shot using a video stabilizer from beginning to end. This just proves how effective this device is when it comes to moving shots.


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