How To Act Like a Spoiled Girl

Why any girl would want to act like a spoiled brat is not entirely clear, but there must be some occasions on which this skill would become useful. If you think you might need to improve talent in this area or you don't have the slightest experience in being spoiled and need to gain some, what should you do? How do you act like a spoiled girl?

  1. First, you need to complain. Complain about everything. Girls who are spoiled are never happy about anything. They always want the newest, greatest, most expensive gadget. And even if they get it, they want something more. Spoiled girls are never satisfied. Therefore, if you want to give an air of being spoiled, you must complain about anything and everything. i.e. "I don't like this restaurant that you brought me to. It's far too plain and the waitress is pathetic." or "This dress my mother bought for me is worthless. It is so out of style, and I'll be mocked if I wear it."
  2. Secondly, you must be utterly concerned with yourself. That is to say that you must have no concern for anyone else's feelings or opinions but your own. You must be self-conceited, self-conscious about your hair, makeup, nails, clothes, and figure. You must ensure that you are the center of attention. You may do this by playing the self-pity card and bemoaning your life, your circumstances, or the dress your mother just bought you. While you may allow others to speak, you will only accept their words if they are directed in compassion or concern for you.
  3. In order to be spoiled, you must always get your way. This is the very nature of being spoiled. You will not accept a "no" to anything, even to the most absurd requests. If someone denies you your wish, you must put up a fight. Don't let them get their way for you must get yours. You cannot give up the fight until the other party gives in and offers you exactly what you want. This may require tears or ultimatums, but it'll be worth it in the end. You'll have gotten your way.
  4. Spoiled girls also must have an air of being rich and important. Therefore, you must wear the finest clothes you can manage, drive the best car you can afford, have all of the latest gadgets, and display all of your pomp and fortune to everyone you meet. Even if you aren't truly that rich, you must make yourself appear to be the most important thing to ever hit the earth. You must demand attention and reverence, for didn't you know, the world revolves around you?

If you really want to know how to act like a spoiled girl, it's not all that difficult. Just cast aside any concern for others and think only of yourself. You'll hit the mark well enough.


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