How To Aim a Slingshot

A slingshot is a primitive weapon made of mostly wood and leather or elastic rubber and is the perfect weapon for aiming at small objects. When using a slingshot, remember to protect your eyes and shoot in an area away from population and houses. Though it can be used to hunt small animals, it is preferred that you use a slingshot only as a hobby and a device to improve your aim. Read the list of steps which follow to learn how to aim and shoot with a slingshot.

Step 1

Parts of the slingshot. A typical slingshot is made from wood cut and finished in a Y shape. Tied around the top two ends of the Y is a thin strip of any stretchable material - you can use elastic tape or leather or rubber. Ammunition for the slingshot can be small rocks or stones or rounded pellets which are available in any gun or hunting supplies store.

Step 2

Holding the slingshot. If you're right-handed, hold the bottom of the Y portion in your left hand and use the thumb, index and middle fingers of your right hand to hold and direct the ammunition as it is released.

Step 3

Placing the ammunition. Whatever object you are using as ammunition should be placed on the inside of the leather or rubber strip at a point which falls in the middle of the two ends of the strip. Most often this middle spot will be of a larger width than the rest of the sling, so the ammunition can be comfortable placed and covered in this broad section. Once you've placed the ammunition in the centerpiece, hold it using the thumb, index and middle fingers of your dominant hand.

Step 4

Aiming and shooting. While holding the wooden handle at arm's length and perpendicular to the ground, pull back the sling with your right hand as far as it can stretch, holding the ammunition with your fingers as described in the step above. Loosen your fingers and let fly the ammunition, your hand moving backwards as the sling snaps back into place, allowing to ammunition to move and hit the target.

When using a slingshot, remember it is not a toy, so never let small children play with them. Place your targets in a secluded open space so that the ammunition does not ricochet off any obstruction and hits back at you instead. Aiming a slingshot and always hitting the target becomes easy with practice as long as you play it safe.


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