How To Apply Water to Prepasted Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper to your home is one of the quickest ways to renovate a room and add a new ambience and theme. One wallpaper option that you have is to use prepasted wallpaper. These types of wallpaper contain a layer of adhesive that needs to be activated using water. Once activated, you will no longer need to apply paste to attach the wallpaper to the wall. Here are the steps to applying water to prepasted wallpaper.

  1. Cut. Cut the piece of wallpaper according to the size of the wall where you will attach it. Make sure that you measure the wall’s length and width carefully. Usually, you can add a few centimeters of excess onto the wallpaper, if you want to adjust the wallpaper once it has been partially glued onto the wall.
  2. Wet. Take the cut wallpaper and lay it on a flat surface. You will need to dip this into a trough that contains water. Keep in mind, however, that the dry layer of paste on wallpaper is very sensitive and that leaving the wallpaper on water for too long will cause the adhesive to wash away. Make sure that you dip the adhesive side of the wallpaper for just a few seconds. As an alternative, you can take a brush or sponge and use it to dab away at the surface of the wallpaper. Make sure that you add just enough to keep the paste wet and functional, but not too much water which can cause the paste to loosen and drip off the wallpaper.
  3. Fold. Once this is done, the next step is to arrange the section of wallpaper that you have moistened into the ‘booking’ position. To do this, take the opposite edges of the wallpaper and fold it inwards. This will allow you to hold the edge of the wallpaper without staining your fingers. Then, take the two edges and put them together. Because these edges have been folded into themselves, they will not stick together. Make sure that you do not crease the wallpaper. In this position, you will be able to transport the moistened wallpaper near the section of the wall where you will attach it, without compromising the paste, or adding dirt.
  4. Attach. Be sure that you attach the wallpaper to the wall quickly, because the paste will dry out if left in open air for too long. If the moistened wallpaper has been sitting in open air for some time, you can spray some water into the wall, to add moisture into the wallpaper. Make sure, however, not to add water directly into the moistened wallpaper because this will make the paste runny and unusable.

Keep in mind, however, that you can also add paste to the wallpaper. This will do the same job as water when it comes to moistening and activating the paste layer in the wallpaper, and has the added advantage of being more secure than simply watering the prepasted wallpaper. When properly moistened, however, watering the prepasted wallpaper will suffice to keep the wallpaper attached to your wall.


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