How To Arrange a Minimal Flower Arrangement

Anybody will agree to the fact that flowers are not just beautiful—they also provide beauty to their surroundings. That is why people make sure to have them in their gardens and inside their homes.  Even if they were not appreciated verbally, how they affect the mood is enough to prove how infectious their beauty is.  However, while they are naturally beautiful, human hands can still enhance their exquisiteness.  It does not require that you become an artist or an expert florist to do this. You can do this by simply taking note of the essential points in flower arrangement. 

  1. Do not make the vase as your only framework in making a minimal flower arrangement.  Doing so is like trimming a foot to the shoe.  Instead, imagine first how your arrangement will look better in another kind of container or vase.  Not all vase designs will suit a certain flower and its arrangement.  Therefore, find one that will look good with your flowers.
  2. Think of aesthetics first before practicability in choosing a vase.  Of course, this rule does not apply to other matters. In flower arrangement, beauty is the objective.  Therefore, practical matters may only be second to the effort and means of making the best out of a minimal floral arrangement.  For example, a ceramic vase may not look good at all with the arrangement you have in mind but a small woven basket will.  However, the basket cannot hold water.  Instead of opting for the vase, get a bottle or any other container that can fit inside the basket and place the flowers there.
  3. Determine what one flower should be the highlight of your floral arrangement.  Of course, this should be relatively much bigger than the rest in the bunch.  Its color and form should also be more attractive to the eyes.  You should use a sharp knife in cutting it.  Make the cut sharp so that the flower will find it easy to absorb water and will last longer without fading.
  4. To make it minimal, use some greenery as fillers instead of smaller flowers. Just make sure that the greenery and other fillers do not grab attention from the flower.  To hold the flower in place, you may use pebbles, glass marbles, or floral foam.

Once it is done, put the flower arrangement in a place where it can be easily noticed but away from sunlight or other warm locations in the house such as lights, stoves, and appliances.  Your task in floral arrangement is not done yet with this.  You also have to take care of it daily by changing the water to make sure that the flower lasts longer.  Actually, there is one main rule that you have to follow:  all minimal flower arrangements are done to emphasize the natural beauty of flowers.  Therefore, once you noticed that the arrangement has reached its time, it also ceased its purpose and you will need to make another one again.


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