How To Arrange Flowers for Funerals

The flowers and arrangements in funerals may appear like mere decorations to make an otherwise sad affair a bit brighter and more comforting. There is a grain of truth in this, of course. The absence of flowers in places where these are held can indeed make the occasion gloomier. Instead of consoling those loved ones left behind, they may only feel worse the pain of the loss. However, flowers too symbolize hope. Their abundance at the funeral reminds the living that there is still much to life despite the loss of someone they loved. Because of the importance of flowers in a funeral, the flower arrangement should live up to what they symbolize.

Below are the steps in arranging flowers for funerals.

  1. Make the rounds first among those closest to the deceased. Ask them about the particular kinds of flowers the deceased or his family liked. If they cannot think of any or if these are not easily available, you can have those traditionally used in funerals such as lilies, roses, carnations, and irises.
  2. Choose vases that will complement the soothing beauty of the flowers. Arrange the flowers as you place them in the vases. Allocate some flowers for centerpieces. Your centerpiece arrangements may be shaped into wreathes, crosses, or hearts depending on your design. Use a matching Styrofoam shape to put these in place. It may require stands or hooks to put them on the wall.
  3. For those complicated arrangements that may be needed to last longer, you may use plastic or paper flowers. The people closest to the deceased may wish to keep them after the funeral. However, those flowers you place in the vases should be real ones.
  4. Cut flowers to be arranged as a casket spray. The length of the spray should be about 4 feet long or depending on the length of the casket. The colors of the flowers are usually based on the gender of the deceased. Put green fillers in the necessary amount. You must also take into account the religious beliefs and cultural traditions of the deceased and his family in choosing the flowers and their colors.
  5. You may also arrange the flowers to display the deceased person’s name. You can place this in front or beside the casket. Make sure that it does not appear too flashy. Use the same flowers for the entire name and, if necessary, another type of flowers for the background

You need to ensure that the flowers get enough lighting. If you place them in a darker spot, their calming effect is greatly reduced. Put them in places where people easily notice them. However, make sure also that these are not too near any heat source. They may whither too soon and you will have to replace them with fresh ones. Do not let the flowers be seen fading while the funeral is still being held. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose why these are there.


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