How To Attach a Flag to a Pole

United States flag

Flags have been used by the human race for over 4,000 years. Their uses have included message-sending, staking out a territory, and proclaiming loyalty to a group or a country. Nowadays, the most popular flags are those that belong to the different nations of the world. Having a flag in your front yard or backyard is an excellent way of enlivening a sense of patriotism in your household and in the neighborhood as well. If you are planning to attach a flag to a pole, remember that there is a specific way of attaching a flag, especially a nation’s flag. These steps must be followed to ensure that the sacredness of the flag is preserved.

There are many different types of flag attachments available to you; as such, there is also a myriad of ways that you can attach a flag. Here are the most popular methods of attaching a flag to a pole, and the steps that you should take to make use of them:

1.    Bring out folded flag. It is important to ensure that the flag itself is folded properly before it is brought out; this is done in order to avoid having the flag touch the ground. Carry it to your flagpole.

2.    Unwind pole rope. Grab the pole rope, and unwind it from the pole hook.

3.    Unfold flag. Find the part of the flag with the grommets, and carefully unfold that part to enable you to attach the flag to the pole; make sure that the flag does not touch the ground.

4.    Attach flag. This is where you have several options on attaching the flag to the pole.

  • Snap Hooks. If you are using snap hooks, it is important to make sure that the distances between the grommets on your flag are the same as the distances between the snap hooks on your flag. Measure the distances between the grommets accurately, and install the snap hooks onto the rope properly. Once the snap hooks have been installed onto the rope, it is simply a matter of lining up the grommets to the snap hooks in order to attach your flag.
  • Velcro. Another easy method of installing a flag is by using Velcro. If you wish to use a Velcro attachment, the first step is to slip the flag’s pole sleeve onto the pole. Next, align the flag to the pole in the position that you would like it to be once it is installed. Now, attach both sides of the Velcro to the flag and to the pole.
  • Cable ties. Cable ties are a more permanent method of attaching a flag to the pole; these have to be severed or cut if you are planning to take your flag down. To attach, simply slip the flag sleeve onto the pole, insert the cable ties through the grommets and pull to secure.
  • Tabs. Some flags and poles have pre-installed tabs. If this is the case, it is a simple matter of sliding the flag sleeve onto the pole, aligning the brass screw and the pre-installed eye, and pushing the screw into the eye.

5.    Pull rope. Again, making sure that the flag doesn’t touch the ground, pull the rope taught and pull the flag up to the top of the pole.

With the many installment choices available to you, installing a flag need not be difficult.


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