How To Attach a Line to a Kite

The kite was invented by the Chinese back in 549 AD. Materials used for kite flying were readily available then: silk and light bamboo. Today, people from all over the world enjoy kite flying for fun, leisure, and competition. Some researchers believe kite flying dated way back earlier than the Chinese based on cave painting found in Indonesia, it was said that leaf was used for material. In certain cultures rules to kite flying was fairly simple: maneuver your kite in such a way that it cuts through the string of your competition’s kite before your's gets cut. It is also interesting to note that the discovery of electricity would not have been possible if it not were for the use of a kite. In 1750, Benjamin Franklin flew a kite during a thunder storm with a bell tied to it. The kite was hit by lightning and the bell sounded. Thus, we now have the kite to thank for the electricity we enjoy today.

Attaching a line to a kite will make or break how your kite will fly, and thus it is very important in the process of kite flying. An improperly attached line may imbalance your kite during flight and cause it to perform poorly and swivel around in circles until it just ends up hitting the ground or someone for that matter. Here are some useful guidelines on how to attach a line to your kite. You will of course need a ready-made kite and strings. 

  • Lark’s head knot. Start with a lark-head knot. With a laid out string attached to the kite about six inches long, create a two inch loop at the end. This is your lark’s head knot.
  • Second loop. With this loop pull it against its own string to create another loop, this time an adjustable loop. Pull both sides of the loop against the string and hold it together from behind to create this adjustable tightening loop. 
  • Attaching. Put the looped lark’s head knot over the bridle of the line you are attaching your kite to. Then pull hard and taut so that your lark’s head knot closes in on the bridle and ties and attaches itself. At this point you should have a single line attached to your kite.

As with any other kite, you may use the lark’s head know to attach your kite to your line. It is fairly simple and easy. Any child and adult should be able to perform this process without problem. In certain occasion your kite kit may have include clips with it. These clips may be used instead of a lark’s head knot for attaching to kite to the string. Simply attach the clip of the kite string to the clip of the bridle string and voila, you have your single kite line. Nowadays your nearest hobby shop should be able to sell you kite kits and this easily makes things easier by providing a ready-made kite for you to fly with just a few steps to follow.


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