How To Audition for Performing Arts Scholarships

Waiting for casting call

If you are into the performing arts, being able to afford to get into a prestigious school can take its toll. Being expensive, you will probably need loans or grants. However, schools all over the world offer scholarships to almost every concentration you can think of. Getting a performing arts scholarship is simple, provided that you have what it takes to leave a positive lasting, memorable impression at your audition.

Versatility is the Key

Make sure that you have already talked to the admissions office of the school that you are applying to. They will tell you when they are open for auditions and the things you will need to bring then. Also, ask for any specifics for your particular art. The different performing arts may require different things, so it is best to be ready.

Whether you are auditioning for dance, music or theatre, ensure that you have included different genres to your audition. For theatre, show your versatility in your monologue. Choose one that allows you to use the different theatrical tools effectively. Same goes for dance and music: choose routines that will give your viewer contrast. This will highlight your ability to encompass genres, your flexibility and room for variations.

Pop Culture

Check out the latest happenings within your art. Also, find out the popular monologues and routines at the time and avoid them. Don't forget that the panel would have already seen many different applicants before you, so you will want to wow them and stand out from the crowd. Choosing popular routines will just leave you hanging like a wallflower.

Remember that even supposedly popular remakes are no-nos. Do something completely different. Mix up some original pieces with some already produced ones if this is what it would take to highlight your best points.


Follow the rules in applying. In any application and audition there are guidelines that you must adhere to, be it dress code, time limits and other specifics. Give the panel what they ask for and more. You will need to please the committee so make sure to follow the guidelines and do not deviate from the norm.

If your audition is too outlandish or a little bit provocative, make up for it with exemplary etiquette and manners. It is important that you stand out but at the same, time they see you as someone fit to be enrolled in their school.


Remember that you are not limited to auditioning for a performing arts scholarship in schools that offer such in their curriculum. Widen your horizons by searching for independent scholarships for performing arts. Some organizations offer connections to different performing arts schools.

Recommendations will also be helpful. If you have had training or lessons prior to your audition, do not forget to leave that out. It will help when whichever committee decides that you are talented enough to be an enrolled scholar.

Last but not the least, be yourself. It's a cliché because it's true. No matter how much you try to stand out, do not lose sight of your goal. Make sure that you show the panel who you are and your intentions whilst performing for them.


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