How To Balance RC Helicopters

According to seasoned pilots, flying a helicopter with a remote control is almost as difficult as flying a real helicopter. The remote control is pretty much similar to the actual controls of a real chopper. However, even seasoned pilots find it difficult to handle an RC helicopter. They say that the difficulty lies in balancing the whole thing while in flight. If you are looking to make flying RC helicopters as your new hobby, you will have to understand that balancing it in order to fly properly is an art that you will only master with frequent practice. Here are some tips on how to fly an RC helicopter with superb balance.

  • Peruse the manual. Upon purchasing the RC helicopter kit, open it up and whip out the manual. Make sure that you read and understand everything written about it. Pay close attention to the segments referring to flying and control. This segment should include instructions on how to use the remote control in order to make the helicopter take off and hover. Make sure to read on how to fly this toy safely as well. You really don’t want it to crash on your first run and cause a fire.
  • Examine and try the remote control. After reading the manual, get the remote control and familiarize yourself with the buttons and the levers on it. Refer to the manual if there are buttons that you need clarification on.
  • Assemble your RC helicopter. Again, this segment will require you to read and refer to the manual when you are putting the chopper together. Brand new kits will require you to assemble several parts in order for the toy to fly. You will need to fill it up with fuel as well.
  • Start the chopper. Once your RC chopper has been assembled as instructed on the manual, place it on the ground and step away from it. Stay at least 7 feet away from the toy. Make sure the tail of the chopper is pointing at you. Never start the chopper with the front right in front of you. Use the remote control to start the chopper and get the blades rotating to the optimized and recommended speed for flight. You may need to practice several times before you get the hang of it.
  • Lift off. Once the blades are rotating at the desired speed for lift off, initiate the throttle on the remote control. This will provide the jumpstart for the chopper to lift off. As soon as your chopper reaches an air height of about 1 foot, slowly release the throttle to a point where there is just enough power for the chopper to stay in flight and hovering. To make it land, release the throttle completely.

Repeat the same process until you reach the desire height where you can do a lot more things and start moving the chopper around. Again, “practice makes perfect”, so make sure to keep at it and practice until you get the hang of it. Once hovering is an art that you mastered, start moving the chopper around until you are able to fly it over long distances.


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