How To Become a Contestant on a Reality Show

Reality shows are so popular that it seems there can never be enough reality shows on air. And so are individuals who want to be in the limelight. Some just want to experience the different challenges, some want to win the prize but most of the time, it's the chance of becoming an actor or a model that makes them go for the show. In fact, most of the time, it's not who wins the reality game show that gets the most commercial endorsements. To some contestants, simply being part of Big Brother, Amazing Race or any reality series is enough exposure. 

How about you? Would you like to be part of it? Just follow these steps and learn how to find your way to a reality show's doorstep.

  1. Watch and learn. Don't get too excited to rush madly to the main office and apply. Watch the show's course for a whole new season and pay attention to how you should act. Know who the judges are and their likes and dislikes. Pay attention to the wrong moves of the previous contestants and the key to win. For example, on America's Next Top Model, even the not-so-pretty contestants win, as long as they are photogenic, especially after a makeover. In American Idol, the choir-like or the operatic voices don't get the title of American Idol because voice is not what the show is looking for. If you plan to join Survivor, then you must have superb survival abilities. In America's Next Top Model, its creator and host Tyra Banks mentioned that to become a winner, the participant must be knowledgeable of the entire fashion industry. Knowing how the entire season of the reality TV show works is important for you to condition yourself and not commit the mistakes previous hopefuls made. 
  2. Pay attention to application venues, dates and requirements. Some reality shows post their application requirements and venue at the end of every episode, while some have posters almost everywhere, including the Internet.
  3. Submit correct requirements. Oh please! If they require a 4”x5” whole body picture of you, don't make excuses why you only have a picture up to knee level. That's definitely not a good start. Following instructions is a basic attitude required in reality shows, so if you have a problem with that, you will never get a chance to be a part of the show.
  4. Arrive prepared and be patient. During audition and casting, sometimes potential participants are required to perform more than one song or dance, which may require an entire day. In some application forms, there is a question about why the potential participants are joining the show. While in some shows, the contestants are asked why they should be chosen as winners. Answers regarding personal reasons like to help one's family are not enough. But reasons like wanting to exercise his love for the music or fashion industry, wanting to prove that he has what the judges are searching for in a model or actor and desiring to be a role model for children are more likely to catch the judges' attention.
  5. Have a good personality. Do not act like a jerk. Jerks get only a few hours of attention and that's it. If you plan to pass the audition or stay on the show, then display good attitude and camaraderie.

In reality shows, contestants are sometimes provoked to display who they really are. So if you must, control your inner bad attitudes, perform well and most of all, project your best image possible, both inside and out.


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