How To Braid Celtic Rope

The Celtic braid is one of unique beauty. It utilizes six strands rather than the traditional three. Though the Celtic braid looks complicated, it is quite easy to learn how to braid a Celtic rope. To begin, you will need to gather your supplies which are limited, requiring at minimum the six strands. A Celtic rope can be braided with metal, string, hemp, yarn or anything that suits your fancy. For very long hair, the Celtic braid is quite elegant. It works best in this application if the hair is wet, making it easier to distinguish pieces. You will also need something to attach your strands to. A large safety pin attached to the arm of a chair works very well if you are making your Celtic rope out of a fibrous material such as string, yarn, hemp or rope.

  1. To begin the braiding process, tie the strands together in a large knot at the top. This step is unnecessary for metal strands or hair. If you are using metal, such as sterling silver, for your Celtic braid, simply tie something around the top of your six strands to keep them secure while weaving them together.
  2. For round one, begin by separating the outside strand on your dominant side. Place this strand over the strand next to it. Now, place the strand under the one following.
  3. Next, separate the outside strand on the other side. Repeat the same process, placing the strand over the next one and under the third. The two middle strands, which were initially the outside strands, should cross here.
  4. For the next round, go back to the outside strand on the dominant side, which was initially strand two, and repeat the entire process. For each round of your Celtic braid, continue weaving the strands together, making sure the middle strands cross between each round. Work slowly, making the weave as loose or tight as you desire.
  5. To finish the Celtic braid, tie another knot in the bottom of your strands unless you are using metal or hair. Another option for finishing the Celtic rope is to tie another strand around the bottom. For jewelry, attach fasteners to both ends.

It is a simple process to braid a Celtic rope so long as it is worked deliberately to avoid confusion in the many strands. The elegant Celtic braid can now be used in any application that you need.


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