How To Break a Beer Bottle with your Bare Hands

When an argument starts to heat up in a bar, sometimes anger ensues. People will grab anything in the middle of a brawl. It does not matter. It could be a chair, a cue stick, or even a billiard ball. However, in times of desperation, people will use what they have on hand 9 out of 10 times, and often it is a beer bottle. It usually ends up in a bloody mess where beer and blood mix on top of someone's head. Not a pretty sight.

Let us try to avoid this mishap and break bottles in the spirit of fun instead of mayhem. With a cool head, show off a party trick that is sure to make you the life of the party and perhaps the stud for the girls at the party. Impress them with this feat of strength, even if it is just a trick.

This guide will help you break a bottle with your bare hands. This trick is a good way to break the ice and it is relatively easy. As soon as you do this, you can then reap the rewards.

  1. Get a bottle. If you want to break a bottle with your bare hands, you will most definitely need your hands.  The other thing you will need is a bottle. Not all bottles are made the same. Some are made better than others. Beck's and Samuel Adams bottles are easier to break while Corona and Budweiser bottles are harder to shatter.
  2. Fill er' up.  Put some cold water in the bottle you want to break. Make sure that the bottle does not contain any remnants of beer. The trick won't work if there are bubbles in the water. Fill the bottle up to the base of the neck. Fill up the bottle on top of the sink and perform the trick right on top of it. This ensures that there won't be shards of glass everywhere. To make the trick even safer, fill the sink with an inch of water so that pieces of glass don't fly all over the place.
  3. Apply quick and sudden pressure to the opening. This is the part where you emerge victorious with a broken bottle in your hand. Hold the bottle with your weak hand using two fingers. This way of handling the bottle prevents you from injuring your hand in the process. With your strong hand, hit the mouth of the bottle hard. It also has to be a quick fluid motion. The bottom should break cleanly off.
  4. Claim that it was all due to your strength. In fact this feat of strength is nerdier than you think. The nerdy part of this act is the fact that you are using what is called cavitation. Cavitation occurs when a sudden vacuum is created as you hit the mouth of bottle. As the vacuum is created, the water will soon rush back in. The sudden rush of water should be enough to break the glass cleanly around the bottom. This information can be useful if you are trying to impress a smart chick.

Now that you have cleanly broken the bottle, the next step of your act is to clean up. You would not like someone to use the sink and injure himself. That would be just totally uncool. At the end of all of this, it is about having fun. So, have fun, aim to impress, and stay safe.



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