How To Build a Corn Maze

Corn mazes have been around for decades. There’s lots of reasons you may want to build a corn maze. Regardless the reason corn mazes are a great time and people love them. The first thing that you should do when building your corn maze, is determine what the purpose is of your maze. Is your corn maze meant to scare people or is it a Christmas theme corn maze?
The next big step in building your corn maze is to determine an entrance price, this price may be anywhere from 0 to $5.00. Double check with the chamber of commerce and make sure there are no laws against making a corn maze in your area. The only problem you may run into, is needing a permit to build your corn maze.
To start building your corn maze, your corn must stand 6 feet tall. When it does, it is time to start the fun process.  The thing you do first when billing your corn maze, is sketch out a layout for it. The internet is full of sketches for corn maze layouts. Now, you will need to find the materials necessary to build your corn maze. The main things you will need are wood and a rental tractor. The tractor is for flattening the corn and the wood is to build obstacles with.

You can hire workers or just ask people you know to help you build and run your corn maze for whatever festivities you are celebrating. Your maze needs to be long and well thought out. When you have your pattern sketched out, the rest is very easy. Just drive through your corn on the tractor you rented in the design pattern that you sketched out; so, if you sketched out a figure eight, you would drive in the shape of a figure eight threw your corn field. Your pattern will need to be more complex than that though if you want to have a decent corn maze.
After you get the initial set up layed out for your corn maze, you can go through it and lay your obstacles down. These obstacles can be anything that you choose and they will vary depending on what season it is. For instance, if it is Halloween, you might lay out a wooden pillar that a monster jumps out from being. If you have a Christmas corn maze, you might have a big chair for Santa to sit in, deep in the heart of your corn maze.
Things like Santa in the middle of your corn maze, will really bring you more visitors. Not to mention will you get more visitors, but your visitors will also leave happier if they have something to work towards in your corn maze.


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