How To Build a Drag Go Kart

A drag go kart is always fun. Riding it to race against your family and friends provides exciting opportunities to bond. Of course, observing safety measures becomes necessary when you indulge yourself more into drag go kart racing or when you want to play it a lot seriously. You should be more cautious on how your cart is assembled, whether its shape is regular or sporty. Here are some directions on how you can build your own drag go kart:

  • Get an inspiration. Check out some drag go kart magazines or Internet sites. Look for your design models. Find out how you can put together style and function. Then, start sketching your blueprints. It is always great if you can find ways on how you can customize your plans.
  • Gather the parts. Visit your nearby auto parts center. Ask for a CBR600RR engine. If you are on a tight budget, it is practical to go around some stores first and canvass prices. Otherwise, buy the engine if money isn’t a burden. Then, get the other drag go kart essentials: tires, engines, and a steering wheel, to name a few.
  • You can conveniently order on-line your drag go kart parts from If you want the best for your drag go kart, aspire to buy a butterfly steering wheel. You should also scout for a drag go kart steering set up. It should be fully functional and includes a steering stem, even it is just partly extended.
  • When you are looking for wheels, go for the smaller ones. They should be made of strong materials, like rubber. Don’t forget to purchase a good wooden plank. You also need to find some tubing (round). They are for your roll cage and your frame.
  • Assemble the parts. Begin by attaching the steering wheel directly to the base frame. You can weld the metals together. Remember to always wear a pair of protective gloves and goggles. Then, work out your rubber wheels. Distribute each of the four on every end of your base frame.
  • Get your wooden plank. Position it at the frame base of your drag go kart. Eventually, build up the actual cage of your drag go kart right on its top. When you have assembled the parts, invite your family and friends to help in painting your own drag go kart.
  • Learn more tricks. Go on-line and visit Read about some of the exciting tips on how you can improve your drag go kart building skills. You can also refer to some publications for more building ideas. Or, you may consider buying a set of drag go kart plans. They have user-friendly instructions for your guidance.
  • Let your drag go kart maintain its functioning form. Look after your drag go kart even if you are not using it. Check out the engine. You should turn it over every one and then, particularly when your drag go kart isn’t actively being used in a race. It should also be filled with the sufficient amount of oil at all times.

Before challenging yourself to try out any drag go kart race, make sure to know more about it. Seek racing advice from an experienced drag go kart racer.


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