How To Build a DVD Cabinet

Is it your habit to buy a DVD every time you get the chance to visit the mall?  Well, if that is the case, then, you may need to find a suitable place for your much-loved DVD’s.  One simple solution is having a DVD cabinet.  You can always run back to the mall and buy one for yourself.  Unfortunately, ready-made DVD cabinets are usually expensive.  If you are budget-conscious, you have the option of building your own DVD cabinet.  It is surely going to save you more than half of your money.  Excited?  Here are some of the steps that you may need to heed.  Read on:

  • Count your current DVD collection.  Estimate the number of shelves that you need to accommodate all of them.  Then, think about your future purchases.  The size of your DVD cabinet is going to be based on the number of DVD’s that you want to organize and hold.
  • Figure out the dimensions for your DVD cabinet.  Begin with its height.  Most probably, you need between 10 and 12 inches per shelf.  The depth is about 8 inches.  Meanwhile, the width is going to be dependent on the exact number of DVD’s that you wish to contain in each shelf.
  • Find out where you wish to put your DVD cabinet once you have built it.  See to it that there is enough space.  It is not really practical to construct one when your house is already cluttered.  If your entertainment or living room is already fully-occupied, then, look out for an alternative case where you can place your DVD cabinet. 
  • Get your materials.  You can readily purchase wood from your nearby lumberyard.  You should also buy the other items that you don’t have at home.
  • Start measuring.  You need a top, a bottom, a back, and two sides.  The width for both top and bottom pieces is 8 inches.  On the other hand, the height of the sides is 8 inches.  Then, prepare to cut the different pieces.  Double-check.  The dimensions should match.
  • Get your drill and screws.  Use them so you can begin attaching the cut wood pieces to the back of your cabinet.  Make sure that everything that you have put together is sturdy.  Position the side parts and then, the top and the bottom.  Adjust as you go along.  You need to check if the leveling is alright.  
  • Bring your DVD cabinet either in the garage or just outside your house.  Now that you have constructed it, your next goal is to paint it.  The color of its paint should complement the other pieces of furniture inside your house.  Give the paint enough time to dry out before you place your DVD cabinet in its proper location.

Now, you can prominently display your DVD collection.  You can also be proud of your little accomplishment – your own DVD cabinet.  If you are going to get more DVD’s in the future, you can always build another cabinet.  So, that should be no sweat at all.


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