Building a Horseshoe Pit: Measurements and Design

Put Together a Fun Area for Pitching Horseshoes

Have space? Can play! A horseshoe pit is the ideal thing to have if you have some space in your backyard and love playing outdoors. If you have guests over regularly, then pitching horseshoes will serve to keep everybody happily entertained. How do you go about making a good pit? By following these steps to learn measurements and more! 

Step 1

Measurements are critical for making a good horseshoe pit. With the space available, make a plan and recheck your design and measurements before you start work.

Step 2

Clear space. Ensure that you clear your backyard space and level the area (about 40 feet) where you are going to make your pit if it is not already level.

Step 3

Location, location, location. Now find a location for each of the pits. You need to keep in mind that a little space in front and behind the pits will make for ease of movement and play when there is a big group. Measure the length&breadth and mark the dimensions - 48 to 60 inches away from each other. They must be identical in measurement. The second pit must be straight across the yard from the other.

Step 4

Boards and pitching areas. Now it's time for the construction. Make the boards and screw these together to ensure that they don't move around while the games are being played. With the 2x4 boards fixed and the border prepared, clean up within the border so that no weeds or any rubbish remains to hamper play. Mark the area for the pitching platform also - about 8 inches wide and fixed into the ground 1-2 inches deep.

Step 5

Metal stakes. Fix a metal stake into the center of each pit. This should be fixed at an angle pointing toward other stakes and toward the pitcher when he is aiming for the throw. The stakes will start getting loose after enough horseshoes hit them. There are a couple of ways to ensure that they stay fixed longer - one is to fix the stake through a piece of lumber inside a hole in the ground and the other is to weld a metal piece to the horseshoe, at the 14-inch mark.

Step 6

Sand. Next, fill the pits with sand to make them level with the ground but with the stakes showing clearly on top. The final step is to keep a couple of markers, 3 feet in length, next to the pits on either side as the foul lines.

Building a horseshoe pit will bring together the whole family and all of your friends. Grab a shovel and get started!


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