How To Build a Lincoln Log Cabin

Photo of log cabin

This article will teach you step by step what you need to know building a Lincoln Log Cabin.  These are a very fun, inexpensive toy that most children are very familiar with. Lincoln Logs can still be found today in many stores. They have been around for a long time, and I am sure they will still be around for a long time to come.  Adults, as well as children enjoy building many things from them.
First off, you may want to build your cabin on a piece of wood, or something so that when you are done, you may save it.  This way it can be easily moved from place to place.   You will then find as many as you can of the flat sided pieces.  This will give you a good solid foundation, and your cabin will be more sturdy than if you used round bottom pieces.  You will need to determine how big you want your cabin to be.  Most Lincoln Log Cabins are a pretty standard size.  The next step is to lay them down, with the flat side on the bottom, make a square, and also make certain all edges are touching.  These four sides will be your walls.

You will want to build your cabin going around, kind of like going in a circle, from one side, all the way around, adding layer after layer of wood logs.  Lincoln Logs have a special notch.  You will want to make sure these are all in place, otherwise, you just may come tumbling down.  You will keep stacking until you decide where you want your windows as well as doors. 

Windows are very simple to make.  In this area, you will simply use the shorter pieces, and build around.   You can make your windows as big, or as small as you like.  When your window is as big as you like, you simply add longer logs over the top to close it off.  After this, you will keep going higher on your walls.  You can be very creative with windows.  You can add three or four to a wall, however you would like your log home to look.  The possibilities are endless. 

After all is completed, you will then want to add your roof.  Lincoln Logs come with flat pieces, that again, piece together, this way you have a wonderful fit. You can make your roof flat on top, or add a peak.  This is all your own.  You can make it your own miniature dream home.  If you like, you can glue your pieces together, this way you will be able to keep it forever.  You will want to be certain this is a good idea, glue is permanent!


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