How To Build a Model Car

Building model cars has been a past time enjoyed for generations. The earliest model cars were metal and were put together with a series of screws and pins. In those early years the attention to detail was not quite as high as it is now. The newer plastic model cars, as we will go over in this article, are highly detailed and can be quite hard to build.

The first thing you need to do when learning how to build a model car is determine your skill level. Most of the companies that make model cars have a skill level rating on the package. The higher the number the higher the skill level. For the beginner you should start with the lowest or at least a lower number to ensure that you are not involved in something that will frustrate you. The lowest skill level is normally the snap together variety which is designed for children.

Next you will need the proper tools. Start with a good hobby knife, a standard set of model paints, paint thinner, modeling glue and modeling sandpaper. Parents should monitor children using any of these items, especially the hobby knife as they are very sharp.

Now you will open your package and take out the instructions. You should read the instructions and make sure that you have a firm grasp on the notations used and the language. Then simply start with number one on the list and go from there. Never under any circumstances should you try to skip ahead. Most of the model cars need to be built in a certain order to ensure that they go together properly.

When you remove each piece from the plastic you may need to trim off the burrs. Get the largest part of the burr off with the hobby knife and then create a smooth edge with a piece of the sandpaper.

Some model cars require that you paint pieces before they are installed. Read the directions carefully to ensure that you are painting these pieces before you glue them. This will ensure that you are getting the best finished product possible.

When you are gluing the pieces together of your model car understand that you do not need a lot of glue and that it can be runny. Start with a small amount and move the tube of glue as you are gluing. A nice even coat of glue will ensure that you are getting the best and neatest fit of the piece. There is nothing worse than finishing a model car and seeing large amounts of excess glue leaking out.

When you build a model car and complete the project don't worry if it does not look exactly like the package. The pictures on the packages are created by professional model builders who have had years of experience. The main goal is to have a finished model car that you are happy with.

You can easily display your model car with a plastic display box that are sold in most hobby shops. They will look great on the shelves in your hobby room.


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