How To Build a Plasma Cutter Cart

Plasma is a phase of matter composed of neutrally charged atoms, positively charged molecules and negatively charged ions. It usually denotes gas and is a conductor of electricity. Heating a gas to extremely high temperatures creates plasma and by the use of plasma cutting systems, it becomes an ideal cutter of metals. A plasma cutter is a device specially designed to cut electrically conductive metals and steels by transporting an electric arc through a plasma torch. The many uses of a plasma cutter include cutting and fabrication of metal-sheets and huge beams, crafting chassis and frames in vehicle manufacturing and also widely utilized in aeronautics, and other industries that involve creation of metal works.

Several types of plasma cutting devices are available. Apart from a plasma cutter, there are plasma torches, plasma cutting torches and plasma weldings. Plasma cutter and welding machines have something in common. Both cut and fuse materials by melting with an arc through high temperature and high velocity ionized gas. The ionized gas discharges electricity from the plasma's torch, thereby heating and melting the material.

Plasma cutters can be very expensive depending on the type and manufacturer. If you wish to buy one you can browse through the Internet, check reviews and compare prices from various manufacturers. You may check Hobart Welders' site where you can find plasma cutting machines and equipment including plasma consumables, plasma table, plasma cutter parts and accessories. Among the many accessories, which you can find very useful is a running gear or cart for welders. If you have a plasma cutter, which you will frequently use at your shop or garage, a plasma cutter cart will provide you added mobility and easy access to your device. You can always buy a ready-made plasma cutter cart but if you want to save money and practice your creativity or welding skills at the same time, you can make one from scratch or from the tools you already have in your garage.

The following steps are easy to follow even minus detailed dimensions as you can always pattern a cart according to your own preference or to the size of your device.

  1. Prepare your materials. You will need four pneumatic tires with wheels and bearings, four pieces of angle irons for frame, four pieces of steel rod for axles, iron panels, and two pieces of metal sheets.
  2. Cut the angle irons to your desired lengths and weld them to create a rectangular frame as the base of your cart.
  3. Weld the steel rods evenly for axles.
  4. Create braces to support each side of the axle to make your cart sturdy.
  5. Cut iron panels and weld them a few inches apart into the bottom of the cart as a base frame where the plasma cutter will be placed.
  6. On top of the panels, put a metal sheet to cover half of the base for added support.
  7. With the base done, weld rod holders on the four sides of the cart.
  8. Place another metal sheet on top by welding it on the four holders.
  9. Attach the wheels to the axles and you are almost done.
  10. Paint your cart to the color of your choice and you now have your own plasma cutter cart.

You cart does not need to be complicated but you are free to add some functional designs. With your new plasma cutter, you can try to build a new one and practice your building and welding skills.


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