How To Build an Outdoor Tiki Bar

There are many different design choices for tiki bars. This may be customized to individual likes. To begin this project we need to gather the necessary materials for a tiki bar. The nice thing about a tiki bar is that it may be as extravagant or as simple as we may like it to be. Some prefer not to have the sink and/or refrigerator. This is your choice. So, let's get started on our project!

  1. wood posts (pine /cedar)
  2. plywood
  3. weather proof tape
  4. thatching
  5. counter top or table
  6. bar stools


  1. refrigerator
  2. ink
  3. lighting for the night life
  4. ceiling fan

Now that we have the supplies to start building the frame for the bar. The frame is most important and needs to be sturdy and in a permanent location. It will be very heavy and not easily movable once finished.
Next the plywood will be used for the roof and seal all seams insure that is waterproof. The roof must be at no less than a 10degree angle so as to be sure that water will be able to run off when it rains. We want the roof to withstand all types of weather possible.
It is now time to install the sink and refrigerator. Later we will discuss stocking them with necessary condiments and beverages.

Be sure the counter tops have been measured to the proper height of the stools. Now it is time to install the counter tops. The counter tops are especially nice with the seashells in them for decor. Also the seashells for coasters or other dishes for the bar.
Now using either a nail gun or staple gun put the thatching around the roof. This is also used on top of the roof, as a skirting or other places for decoration.

Now it's time for the tropical decorations .This is a list of some oceanic decor such as:

  1.  Hawaiian fabrics, patterns and designs
  2.  dancing hula girls
  3.  palm trees and bamboo
  4.  tiki torches
  5.  ukuleles
  6.  seashells
  7.  ocean photos

All of these may be used to decorate any many different variations. The fabrics, patterns, and designs may be used in combination or individually. The tiki torches are usually placed around for lighting as well as to control the insects. The dancing hula girls and ukuleles are a Hawaiian tradition. The palm trees, seashells and the bamboo all are the oceanic romance effect of the beach.

Now there is a bar it needs to be stocked......

  • juices, liquors, fruits, salts and other such things to make the perfect drink at the new tiki bar

The last step in building and preparing your tiki bar is now complete as well as ice and glasses, pitchers and blenders so ENJOY!


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