How To Buy a Bachelor Party Gift

Your friend is finally getting hitched to the woman of his dreams. Before permanently latching on the marital ball and chains, so to speak, you, the groom-to-be and his closest friends chose to celebrate his last night as a single dude with a bachelor party.  Everything should be a blast, from the preparation, the food, the actual party activities, and of course, the bachelor party gift. That’s why it is important to know how to buy a bachelor party gift for the main man. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Consider the personality and preferences of the groom-to-be. Whether you are buying a bachelor party gift, birthday or Christmas present, considering what the receiver would probably like to receive is a cardinal rule in gift-giving. If the future groom is your best friend, brother or long-time buddy, this shouldn’t really be a problem. If he is not, go a little out of your way to find out his preferences.
  2. Pick a gift that the groom will be sure to use—not one that will just gather dust in a closet somewhere. Pick out a funny, raunchy or practical gift—anything that will put a smile on the groom’s face.
  3. Add a personal touch to the gift. The bachelor party gift should remind the receiver of the person giving the gift—meaning you and the other guests who may have pitched in for the gift—and his bachelor party.
  4. You can give individual gifts or pitch in for one fancy gift for your bachelor. If you and your friends are giving the groom individual presents, it may be a good idea to talk about what you will each be getting him. This way, there will be no duplication of gifts.
  5. It is also a great idea for friends and family to chip in and decide on one fancy gift for the future groom. This is not only easier on everyone’s budget, but the pooled resources will certainly give you a bigger budget for that fancy gift. However, get everyone’s consensus and vote on what gift to give. They say two (or more for that matter) heads are better than one, and this is also true in the matter of gift-giving.
  6. Pick a gift that the future wife will appreciate—or not! It is popular tradition to get the future groom the raunchiest presents imaginable—so long as the wife to be does not mind or never gets to see it. It really all depends on his future wife’s personality.
  7. Check out popular gift ideas online if you are really running out of creative ideas. Still not satisfied with the basics you have found here? Get more ideas from popular gift websites.
  8. Consider your budget.  Like the first tip, this is a cardinal rule in picking any present.
  9. Compare products and prices before settling down for one item. Examine the items carefully before making a final purchase—check for product defects and warranties. This is also another cardinal rule in making any purchase.

Learning how to buy a bachelor party gift is really fun! Do it yourself, or get friends, family or even the groom-to-be’s future missus involved in the process. Happy bachelor gift shopping!


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