How To Buy a Grill Pan

A grill pan is one of the most helpful tools in the kitchen. With a grill pan, you can cook large portions of vegetables and food such as fish fillet, hamburger, chicken breast, as well as steak. It is indeed fun to have a grill pan at home. It does not only help you in cooking delicious and mouth-watering meals but also provides you the ease of grilling.

Usually, grill pans come in a variety of shapes like rectangular, round, and square. Grill pan sizes also vary to suit your needs. Here are some tips to keep in mind in buying a grill pan:

  1. Check the material of the grill pan. Your grill pan should be made of heavy metal with punched out grill lines. Metal induces more heat and calls for better cooking of the food. Heating and grilling is better with molded grill lines. Better grill marks, on the other hand, are the features of the uncoated grill pans. Choose a pan with a hard exterior surface. A hard exterior will protect your pan from cracking while grilling.
  2. Visit some stores. Do not focus in only one store of grill pans. You can do an intelligent price comparison if you will visit as many grill stores as you can. Take note of the price discounts that each store offers. Deceiving discounts abound each store so do not forget to check the quality of the product. Online shopping may also help you but beware of the hidden costs and shipping fees.
  3. Look for a user-friendly grill pan. Make sure that your grill pan is easy to handle. Choose a grill pan with a heat resistant grip. The grip will prevent any skin-burning incident while you are grilling. A good grip will also give you the ease in handling the pan while cooking. Choose a grip with a hole because this will help you hang the grill pan after use.
  4. Choose a grill pan with a good drainage system. A good grill pan has a small drainage spot in its base. Drainage spot will help you dispose dirt, some food particles, and unwanted grease from your grill pan. This drainage spot will collect all the unnecessary particles. All you have to do is to dispose them.
  5. Select an easy to clean grill pan. Grilling will surely make you tired so you have to make sure that your pan is easy to clean. Nonstick grill pan facilitates easy cleaning. You just have to pour some oil onto the pan. The oil will prevent the dirt or any food particle from sticking on your pan surface.
  6. Pick a grill pan that will suit your cooking needs. If you and your family are fond of cooking meat, an iron grill pan is for you. Iron grill pans are best in grilling chicken breasts and steaks. These kinds of grill pan may require a couple of minutes to heat up to cook thicker slices of meat.

With these tips in looking for the best grill pan, you will surely be on your way to the best grill pan store. Just remember the tips and you will have a lasting grill pan on your kitchen.


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