How To Buy a Portable Basketball Standard as a Gift

The game of basketball is a favorite in many countries. In most driveways, one would usually find a basketball ring, so that young children and their fathers can play hoops whenever they want to. Some even look for a portable basketball stand, allowing them to play this game indoors. These stands are actually quite popular gifts for boys between the ages of three to fifteen years old. Gifting this is a great idea because it challenges the kids to get into sports and a rigid physical activity. A game of basketball indoors may also be fun for the kids, even as it is playing or snowing hard outside.

You can get many types of portable basketball standards at most sporting goods stores, department stores and specialty stores. The larger stores supposedly have even more options. They come in several different colors, features and sizes. They are made of different types of materials. Some even have special characters on it, like their favorite basketball hero, or cartoon character, which greatly appeals to the kids.

Visit these stores to actually see the item so you can make your choices. Consider the age of the child you are giving it to. Older kids will, of course, prefer a more professional looking basketball standard. Younger kids would love something more colorful and lighter to play with.

Determine the stand's portability. Is it light enough to be moved from one room to the next? If it is very light, does it still remain sturdy? Is there something solid in the base that will hold it in place while the kids play? Can the child simulate dunks on it, with the equipment still able to support the whole thing?  You want the child to have fun, but you also want him to play with this equipment safely.

Check the features of the stand. How adjustable is the height?  How adjustable is the basket?  Adjustable ones will prove to be more fun than those that cannot be modified, as this gives the child more options to enjoy a game of hoops. They also offer more challenges.

What kind of material is the stand made of? Those that come with Plexiglas may not be safe for younger children. On the other hand, the plastic types may also affect the child’s game play, especially when the person you are gifting this to, is a lot heavier. Yes, do consider the child’s height, weight and built, when you want to give this as gift.  You must also consider where this stand will go. Before buying it then, ask the child’s parents what they would actually prefer and if they have any particular design or style in mind. Or better yet, ask the child themselves, without ruining the surprise.

Test the equipment yourself and see if you are satisfied with it.

Lastly, to get full quality service, you must also check if the stand comes with a warranty, should there be any problems with it later on.


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