How To Buy Custom Hula Hoops

Hula hoops have always had a following since they their first appearance in the 1950's. Nowadays, hula hoops come in a variety of designs, and with the advent of the Web, customizing your own hula hoops has become convenient.

Here are the steps for customizing your hula hoops:

  • Visit a hula hoop website. There are many websites online that sell hula hoops. Specialty hula hoop stores carry a greater variety. Visit their image gallery to review the stocks they possess. Read the frequently answered questions section to know the details of buying the right hula hoop for you.
  • Choose a size. The common hoop size comes in a 33-inch diameter, but you can have your hoop modified to be wider or narrower. The ideal hoop diameter is one you can comfortably rotate around your hips for no less than ten minutes. This is especially important if your goal is weight loss.
  • Choose a weight. Heavier hula hoops give you a more effective workout and are easier to wield by beginners. Advanced practitioners can purchase the lighter professional hoops which rotate faster as they are used for trickier maneuvers. Do not use water-weighted hoops, which affects the rotation of the toy.
  • Choose a material. Hula hoops can be made from plastic, fiberglass, metal and wood.
  • Decide on a pattern. Hula hoops come in solid, two-toned, striped and other patterns. Some hoops have waves and other patterns built into the material.
  • Buy as many hoops as you need. If you wish to practice rotating several hoops at the same time, buy all of them at the same time so that you'll only have to pay for a single delivery and transaction cost. Make sure you have enough space for store all of them.
  • Look for novelty hoops. Some hoops are flame-resistant and can be lit on fire to create a magnificent display of hoop work. Others are equipped with LED bulbs that light up to create pretty effects as you rotate them.
  • Think about buying a collapsible hoop. These hoops fold or detach into smaller components, making them easier to store for travel. Some specialty stores supply collapsible variants with several designs, providing you with a hoop holder, as well.
  • Consider buying hula hoop accessories. Buying a hula hoop tutorial video will let you master a lot of hoop tricks and techniques. You can also buy gaffer tape to improve your grip on the hoop. If you're buying a hula hoop for a workout, purchase the necessary fitness clothes and gear such as shoes, towels and water bottles.
  • Consider customizing your own hoop. Buy a cheap basic hoop or acquire a used model from a gym sale. Use acrylic paint, permanent markers, paint guns and glitter to style them to your own satisfaction. Make sure the accessories you add don't affect the rotational balance of your hoop.

Whether as a workout gear or simply a fun toy, hula hoops are a worthwhile purchase. Customizing your own will add a personal touch.


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