How To Buy Gifts Below Retail Prices

Are you a shopaholic? Do you need to buy presents for the holidays or for someone’s birthday party? Even with the economy not being as vibrant as it used to, people will still find ways to shop with a limited budget.  Shopaholics and gift hunters will take a deep sigh of relief knowing that they can still go shopping on a budget so long as they know how to buy gifts below retail prices.  Here’s how:

  1. Prepare a thorough gift list. Write down the names of friends, loved ones and other people you will be buying presents for. Check the list to see if you missed anyone. Write down your gift options for each person on the list. It’s good to have more than one gift in mind for each lucky person. Include necessary details you like if you are buying shoes or clothes for someone, include their size and what color you want the item to be. This will save you time when looking around for gifts. Include the brands if you have certain brands in mind.  There are plenty of online retailers that sell designer items below their retail prices, if you search diligently.
  2. Research the actual retail price of the items you will be getting for each person and put them down in your gift list. Later, you will use this list to you can compare the prices of the items sold below their retail prices found in several stores or dealers.
  3. Look for places where brand new items are sold below their retail prices.  Outlet stores are a great starting point.  Although these stores sell last season’s items, you are assured that you will be getting authentic stuff at a fraction of their original price.  You can also wait for clearance sales at the end of each season to buy items at discounted prices. Try to get listed in the mailing or email list of your local department stores to be updated on when these sales will happen, so that you can come early and get the choices picks.
  4. Not keen on going to the mall and outlet stores? Buy items below their retail prices at at  The website boasts of authentic designer items as much as 60 percent off their regular retail prices, with free shipping for buyers in the US (they also deliver to other countries with added cost). You don’t need to register as a member to be able to buy from them. However, it is advisable for you to become a member because they give bigger discounts to members.  The website allows you to search their catalogue of products according to their manufacturers, by category, by featured items, by specials and by seasonal gift ideas. If you still can’t find the item you are looking for in their selection, you can request it from them. The website is very informative and easy to navigate and even comes with a portion about frequently asked questions, gift buying tips and online boutique information.

Buying gifts below retail prices is an exciting prospect for any shopaholic or anyone who wants to save some money on a present.  Follow the tips above, but be careful not to overspend. Happy shopping.


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