How To Buy Play Yard Accessories

Children today should have more fun outdoors in the play yard instead of being cooped up in their own rooms, glued to a video game or handheld gaming device. If you’re planning to set up a play yard, include accessories and equipment that would maximize fun and activity, and make sure it is also very sturdy and safe to use at the same time. Here are tips on how to buy the right kind of accessories.

  1. Measure the space allocated for the play yard. Once you have allotted space for a play yard, get the measurements. Before you buy any equipment, take note of the measurements and make sure they fit within the allotted space. Allow for enough room between equipment and accessories for children to move. See to it that when a kid uses equipment, it does not become a hazard for other kids playing nearby. For example, when you want to assemble swings, there should be enough space between swings, in front, and at the back so that no one can accidentally get hit while someone is using the swing. 
  2. Buy from a toy store, playground manufacturing company, or online. The advantage of visiting a brick-and-mortar toy store or playground equipment store is that you can see and inspect everything firsthand. You’ll get the satisfaction of selecting pieces that are quality assured. If you do prefer to buy online, make sure you read a full description of the equipment you want to buy. There should be photos, a list of features, product code and title, materials used, even how it’s used. Some trusted playground equipment companies you can look up are BYO Playground, Soft Play, All Playground Equipment, Kang Long Toy, and Swing Sets. Also, if you buy online, they should have the equipment delivered to you. The delivery man or representative should be able to help you set them up.
  3. Check for equipment warranty. Some bigger play yard equipment comes with a warranty. Check if yours has one.
  4. Consider the ages and number of children using the play yard. If there are two or more children using the play yard, they will surely run amok and enjoy having two swings, a seesaw, a monkey bar, kiddie playhouse or playground set, and other kinds of group-oriented toys and accessories. You can go to the toy store with them and let them choose which ones they want to use. If only one child will use the play yard, you can invest in a trampoline, a tire swing, or a roomy sandbox. Also, do not forget to include accessories and equipment that are age-appropriate.
  5. Buy equipment and accessories that go well with the surface and environment of the play yard. For example, if the play yard is set outdoors, you should maximize the space. If there’s a sturdy tree nearby, you can set up a tire swing or thick ropes for climbing. Never set up a trampoline, tire swing, or monkey bars on a concrete surface. It will be dangerous if a child accidentally falls to the ground.
  6. Consider the type of material that’s suited for the climate. If you live somewhere where it’s cold and raining most of the time, you shouldn’t buy steel equipment, or anything that rusts easily. One alternative to consider is equipment made of weatherproof wood. Weatherproof wood is resistant to most damage caused by natural elements like rain, wind, heat, cold, etc. Rubberized equipment like tire swings, and plastic ones like a kiddie playhouse or playground set are also perfect outdoors no matter what kind of weather.

Buying play yard equipment and accessories is exciting. Remember to consider the measurements of the play yard and include stuff that can fit within the allotted space. Make sure accessories are age appropriate, and made of materials that fit in perfectly with the environment and climate. Safety is definitely always a priority. Select equipment that is durable and of good quality.


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