How To Buy Stationery as a Gift

Buying stationery is a very thoughtful as well as useful gift. Before purchasing any type of stationery you must think about a few things. If you know the person well, a very important factor is their favorite colors as well as any hobbies or interests they may have. There are many different varieties of stationery that you can choose from. You should consider important factors such as is the recipient of your gift an avid writer, do they have family in another state that they would be writing to? Possibly, they would just use the stationery to write a quick note to a teacher or friend.

Once you have determined this you can choose the size of the stationery you wish to purchase. Standard writing stationary in flat sheets is 6 x 9 and envelopes will also be available to purchase. If you want to purchase cards your standard is 8.5 x 5.5 folded to a finished size of 4.25 x 5.5. Often there are many logos that you can choose to put on your customized stationery as well. There are logos that are as simple as a monogram of your recipients initials or if they have a hobby such as collecting dolls, you can choose a doll to put in one of the corners. When choosing stationery be sure to pick a light color paper and accent it with a darker colored ink, if your paper is too dark it will be difficult for the recipient if the letter to read.

If you do not know the person well that you are purchasing the stationery for you should keep it simple and neutral, white and or ivory are always basic, good choices. If you are purchasing this gift for a man be sure not to choose something too feminine, you want to be sure the recipient feels comfortable with using this stationery as it is a reflection of them and their personality.

Ordering your stationery is easy, you can do it on online or you can go into any local print shop and browse through their large selection of books for some really great ideas. Be sure to order your stationery at least two weeks prior to the date you want to give your gift because custom stationery takes time to print. If you are looking for basic stationery that is not personalized you can go to an office super store in your area and find boxes of very nicely designed stationery that will fit the needs of most people.

Of course when giving stationery it is a much more unique gift when it is personalized. People tend to think it is very expensive to customize stationery when in fact you can find deals on the internet which include free proofs and shipping, and they usually have a very extensive selection of papers as well as logos and type fonts to choose from.


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