How To Buy Vegan Toiletries

Vegans follow a different lifestyle and diet. Practitioners of veganism choose not to consume products that contain live animal byproducts or those that had been tested on animals.

Vegans are very concerned about the environment, the use of animals in clothing, food, and other consumer goods. They support animal rights and maintain that there are alternatives that can be used to make better and healthier products that will not harm the environment.

This has led them to develop products that use ingredients derived from plants, vegetables and other natural resources and extended it to producing food, clothing, toiletries and cosmetics - basic necessities. These products should not have been tested on animals nor contain animal-derived ingredients, no parabens, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

A Vegan Society sunflower trademark included in the package assures you that the product you are buying is certified vegan.

To help you in finding and buying vegan toiletries, here are several products that are certified:

  1. Greenridge Herbals.  They sell hand-made skin care products using organic ingredients from plants and vegetables.
  2. Inky Loves Nature. They only sell certified-vegan products. The owner has been a vegetarian since she was fifteen and has been a vegan for 18 years.
  3. Lamas Beauty.  The company was founded by one of the most respected make up and beauty expert Peter Lamas. All their body and bath, skin care and hair care products are vegan-certified.
  4. Fresh Body Market.  The company uses only food extracts from real fresh fruits and vegetables. As proof of the freshness of their ingredients, their products have only a very short expiration date. Vegan Action, a movement that started in the United Kingdom and is now also present in the United States, certifies their products.
  5. Pallas Athene Soap.  This company manufactures 45 varieties of natural bath salts and soaps that are biodegradable. The company is very concerned about the continued use of animal-based soaps and endeavors to stop that by donating a bar of their soap to a charity organization in Southern California for every bar of Pallas Athene Soap sold.
  6. Cocoon Apothecary.  This is a small company based in Ontario, Canada. They make lotions, body scrubs, facial cleansers and moisturizers.
  7. Sappo Hill Soap.  The company has been in existence for thirty-four years and manufactures soap using nuts, natural grains, vegetables, flowers and fruits.
  8. Essential Wholesale. They manufacture the private label Von Natur. Their cosmetics, body and bath products are aromatherapy-based and use only organic ingredients that are approved for vegan use.
  9. Hawaiian Skin.  Their products use raw ingredients that are found and grow in Hawaii. Some of their products may contain beeswax.
  10. Aguacate & Co.  It is an independent manufacturer and retailer of organic and natural skin care products. The company is a member of the One Percent for the Planet. Aguacate's products can be found in several boutiques across the US, UK, Canada, Mexico and some Asian cities.

In the United Kingdom and the European Union the testing of toiletry products as well as cosmetics on animals have already been banned. They have started to put a ban on the sale of cosmetics using ingredients that have been tested on animals. This is expected to be completed in 2013.


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