How To Calculate Postal Rates

At some point and time, we all head to the United States Post Office, UPS or FedEx to mail our packages and letters. Today, many people are living a busier lifestyle, and waiting in long lines at the post office to have your letter or package weighed for postage can be a hassle. Let us discuss how to calculate postage at your business or home to save yourself some time.

If you are a business owner, or have a home based business, you probably mail out large volumes of letters and packages. If this is the case, it would be beneficial on your part to purchase a postal scale. There are two different types of postage scales on the market to purchase, the first is the digital, and the second would be the mechanical postage scales. These scales range in the amount of weight they can calculate from as little as 5 pounds on up to 400 pounds. The benefits to having your own postage scale is that they allow you to figure out your own postage prior to heading to the post office, to purchase postage online at a cheaper rate, the ability to use the automated postage teller that is available in most larger postal offices, and no more waiting in long lines.

The prices of postage at the USPS vary upon the type of letter or package you will be sending, and to which one of the 8 zones is the final destination of delivery. The information that you need to know to calculate postage for the United States Postal Service is the weight, size and zip code. Once you have determined what class your letter or package will be mailed in you can look up the postage using the USPS website at

Postage for packages and letters vary on size and weight, to calculate the size of your package, using a measuring tape, measure the length and girth of your package. Once you have the size of your package you can determine whether your package can be mailed first class, parcel, or priority.

The USPS offers Priority Mail service which is great for flat rate pricing. The flat rate pricing includes envelopes, small boxes, medium boxes and large boxes for one low price no matter how much your package weighs. If you item will fit into the box, it will be one flat rate.

If you want to use UPS or FedEx for delivery of your package or letter you can log onto on their website or, click on the freight tab to calculate the postage. The information you will be asked to enter are the weight of your package, your zip code and the destination zip code. After you have entered the required information a window will pop up with the postage and transit times.



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