How To Charge an ATV Battery

Automated transfer vehicle (ATV) batteries must be properly maintained so the batteries can have a longer life. The batteries can be completely dead if they aren’t charged for a long time. It’s easy to charge an ATV battery, below are steps and guides to guide you charge your ATV battery.

  • ATV charging system. It is the usual way in charging ATV batteries. You charge your ATV battery whenever the engine of your machine is running. You can charge your battery as long as your consumption is lower than the charge that’s being put in your battery. Ensure that your battery is sufficiently charged before you shut down the ATV because undercharging creates sulfate build-up within your battery, which will lessen its efficiency.
  • Trickle charging.  Trickle charging will charge your batteries whenever they’re not fully empty. You just need to connect and disconnect the batteries periodically. Trickle charging will keep your ATV battery charged even if you use them once or twice per month. Ensure that your battery is disconnected from your automobile while you are charging. Also, put your battery on a table. Wooden tables are recommended because the cold ground will drain your battery even more. Your battery will lessen its efficiency if it is completely drained. Ensure to turn off any electronics if your vehicle isn’t running so your battery does not die thoroughly.
    • Through this process, you’ll charge your battery at the same rate of your battery’s self-discharging rate so your battery will be charged at its full capacity. Most rechargeable batteries especially nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries gradually lose their charge even when they’re idle; it happens because their self-discharge is in moderate rate.
  • Float charging. The difference of float charging from trickle charging is that the former applies constant voltage so you will avoid overcharging your battery. It maintains a zero current to a minimal level until a float charger senses that the battery voltage is appropriate. Note that float voltage differs with the ambient temperature and the battery construction of a particular ATV battery. With appropriate voltage and proper temperature compensation, you won’t damage your ATV battery. Not compensating for the proper voltage shortens battery life, so do not undercharge or overcharge your ATV battery.
  • External charger. The suggested external chargers for your ATV batteries are chargers that are designed for power sport batteries. Using a car battery is not the best option because there are major differences between automotive and ATV batteries. You can buy an external charger for your ATV in auto supply shops; ask the shop personnel for assistance.
  • Fixing a dead ATV battery.  There are unavoidable circumstances that can make your battery dead. You do not want this to happen when you’re alone in a highway. There are things that you can do like compression start by pushing/bumping or manual transition. You can also jump start your battery from another motorcycle, quad, truck, or car. In these circumstances, having a battery charger is a life saver.

Bump start your vehicle first. It is the easiest way to restart a dead ATV battery. Quads are lightweight. A regular sized adult can push it and it is easier if there is a major or slight incline. Jump starting your ATV battery from another car is the same as jump starting it from another ATV, but the charging system and the car’s battery are stronger than the ATV. So, don’t start the car’s engine when you’re jump starting an ATV.
Hope that these steps and guides on how to charge an ATV battery help you. It is vital to know these things to become prudent on unavoidable vehicle related circumstances.


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