How To Choose a Host or Hostess Gift

For the formal dinner or house party, a gift for the host or hostess is in order. Choosing the perfect gift, however, can be daunting especially if you do not know much about the host. In order to avoid frowns and offending the host, here’s how you can choose a gift that will be both useful and highly appreciated for the host or hostess of the event.

  1. Learn their interests. The easiest way to get a gift that is sure to be a hit is to learn about the interests of the host or hostess. A lot of people do not put enough thought into the gift that they give, and usually pick up the first trinket that they see in the gift shop. However, a little research can go a long way in fostering friendship between you and the host or making sure that your gift will not end up untouched in the attic or basement. Learning about the host or hostess’ interests can be done through simple chats and talks, which should be enough to give you an idea of what the host is into.
  2. Ask them. Although a number of people do not directly ask the host or hostess for the type of gift that they want to receive, a lot of people today are being more frank about the gift giving ritual in dinners and parties. If your host will not be offended, it is best to ask them about the type of gift that they will need around the house. Naturally, most hosts will insist that you do not need to provide them with anything. Be tactful when asking therefore. You can ask in passing about what they want, so that you get to know what they need, and the hosts do not need to feel offended or embarrassed.
  3. Stick to the classics. There are also a number of classic gifts that you can get for most homeowners. These include mugs, coasters, and trivets. Coasters and trivets are great because they are functional and come in many sizes, shapes, and designs making it easy to find one that will suit the personality of the host. Most homes also do not have a set of coasters or trivets, and are inexpensive to purchase. Apart from these, whoever, you can also purchase mugs which are always useful and very inexpensive. If you have a knack for drawing and sketching, you can even use ceramic ink to create designs on cheap white mugs. After the ink has dried, you simply need to add on some ceramic lacquer to keep the design intact even after washing.
  4. Try the multi-functional gifts. There are also multifunctional gifts that work well with most people, such as decorative boxes and containers that homeowners can use to store anything from sweets and treats to keys and coins. Decorative boxes can also display in the mantle or the cabinets.

Through these steps, you should be able to get a gift for the host or hostess that will be useful and highly appreciated. Even better, these gift items will not break your wallet as well.


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